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Joe Jonas Seeks to Extend Settlement Talks with Sophie Turner for Peaceful Resolution

Following their divorce filing in September 2023 after four years of marriage, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are engaging in ongoing mediation sessions for a harmonious conclusion.

Sophie Turner Reflects on Overcoming Painful Split with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner opens up about the challenging days following her breakup with Joe Jonas, revealing that it was a tough period in her life. Despite the hardships, she has now found immense happiness and...

Sophie Turner Opens Up About Facing Unfounded Plastic Surgery Rumors: Navigating Online Criticism

Sophie Turner bravely discusses the unfounded allegations and rumors surrounding her appearance, shedding light on the challenges of dealing with online criticism and false plastic surgery claims.

Sophie Turner Opens Up About Dislike for Being Labeled as a Jonas Brother's Wife

Sophie Turner candidly shares her discomfort with the label of being a Jonas Brother's 'wife' alongside Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, feeling it wrongly portrayed them as 'groupies'. Dive...

Sophie Turner's Reaction to Discovering Her First Pregnancy with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner revealed her uncertainty about motherhood when she found out she was expecting her first child with ex Joe Jonas.

How Taylor Swift Became Sophie Turner's Lifeline During Joe Jonas Divorce: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

Sophie Turner expresses immense gratitude towards Taylor Swift, calling her an 'absolute hero' and crediting her 'heart of gold' for providing unwavering support during the challenging times of her di...

Sophie Turner Opens Up About Joe Jonas Divorce Struggles: 'I Felt Like I Wouldn't Survive'

Sophie Turner shares her emotional journey post Joe Jonas divorce, expressing doubts about her survival amidst backlash and challenges

Sophie Turner Seeks Divorce Reactivation, Joe Jonas Responds

After Sophie Turner's move to reactivate divorce proceedings post temporary custody agreement lapse, Joe Jonas shares his thoughts on the situation.

Sophie Turner Seeks Reopening of Joe Jonas Divorce Case Post Temporary Custody Agreement

Sophie Turner has allegedly sought to reopen her divorce case with Joe Jonas after the conclusion of their temporary custody agreement in January. Find out more about the latest developments in their...

Sophie Turner Attends Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Afterparty with Peregrine Pearson

Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson made a stylish exit from a Paris fashion event during Fashion Week on Tuesday, March 5th.