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The Boy and The Heron Breaks US Box Office Records: A Landmark Achievement for Studio Ghibli

The Boy and The Heron soars to new heights as the first Studio Ghibli masterpiece to claim the top spot at the US box office, captivating audiences with its enchanting tale

Timothée Chalamet's Approach to the Willy Wonka Reboot: More Than Just a Money Grab

Timothée Chalamet expresses initial concerns about the Wonka reboot being perceived solely as a 'money grab' before diving into the script

Rachel Zegler fiercely responds to critics of Snow White hate

Rachel Zegler bravely addresses and dismisses the unjust criticism towards Snow White, displaying unwavering confidence and resilience during her conversation with Halle Bailey

Robert Downey Jr reflects on Christopher Nolan's renowned chair prohibition on the Oppenheimer set

Robert Downey Jr unveils Christopher Nolan's strict no-chair policy on the set of Oppenheimer, revealing how the cast and crew were forbidden from sitting down during filming

Aquaman 2 Director's Desire to Revisit Indie Filmmaking Sparks Interest

The director of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom expresses a desire to return to his roots in indie horror films, eager to explore the genre once again after his blockbuster success

One Piece Chapter 1102: Release Date, Where to Read, and Additional Details

One Piece chapter 1102 reveals Bonney's quest to find her father, Kuma, and her journey into piracy fame Release date and reading information, chapter 1101 recap, and exciting speculative expectations

James Cameron's Clever Casting Saved Titanic Millions

James Cameron's genius move in casting short extras for Titanic not only added depth to the film's grandeur but also saved a whopping million dollars Discover the fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets...

Unveiling the Fate of All For One in My Hero Academia Manga: Analyzed

The intense clash between Bakugo and All For One in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia manga has ignited immense excitement among fans, leaving them questioning the fate of All For One Discover th...

Is Priscilla Available for Streaming?

Discover Sofia Coppola's highly acclaimed film, Priscilla, generating awards buzz Uncover the streaming options available for this captivating movie and explore how to watch it on various digital plat...

Morena Baccarin Drops Teaser on Key Deadpool 3 Fan Theory Following Her Return

Morena Baccarin ignites excitement among Deadpool fans as she confirms her return for Deadpool 3, hinting at the possibility of Copycat's appearance