How Taylor Swift Became Sophie Turner's Lifeline During Joe Jonas Divorce: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

How Taylor Swift Became Sophie Turner's Lifeline During Joe Jonas Divorce: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

Sophie Turner expresses immense gratitude towards Taylor Swift, calling her an 'absolute hero' and crediting her 'heart of gold' for providing unwavering support during the challenging times of her divorce from Joe Jonas.

Taylor Swift Was an Absolute Hero for Sophie Turner Throughout Joe Jonas Divorce

Taylor Swift Was an Absolute Hero for Sophie Turner Throughout Joe Jonas Divorce

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Sophie Turner discovered during her divorce that having a friend like Taylor Swift was a great comfort.

In her June 2024 British Vogue cover story, Turner, 28, shared, "I've always believed that my girlfriends are the most important people in my life. The support I received from the women around me during that difficult time was truly incredible. I felt so supported and cared for."

Swift, 34, played a crucial role during Turner's breakup with Joe Jonas. In September 2023, Jonas, 34, filed for divorce after four years of marriage. Shortly after, Turner and Swift were seen hanging out together in New York City. Swift even allowed Turner to stay in her apartment in Manhattan.

Turner expressed her gratitude towards Swift, saying, "Taylor was truly a lifesaver for me this year. I have never been more thankful to anyone than I am to her for taking me and my children in, providing us with a home and a safe place."

The Game of Thrones alum mentioned that she thinks Swift has a heart of gold.

Turner and Swift have been friends for years, and Turner has shown her love for Swift's music multiple times. In 2021, Turner posted a screenshot of herself listening to "Mr. Perfectly Fine," a vault track from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) that was written about Swift's breakup with Jonas. (They dated in 2007, and Jonas famously broke up with Swift over a 27-second phone call.)

When Turner was going through a difficult divorce, a source informed Us in September 2023 that Swift generously offered her one of her investment properties in NYC.

The insider mentioned that although Swift was not fully aware of all the details of Turner's breakup at that time, she was keen to assist. The source told Us, "All she cares about is being a supportive friend to Sophie. She is allowing Sophie to stay at the property for as long as she requires and is offering her support in any way she can."

Us was informed by another source that the Joan star could stay at Swift's place until her custody battle with Jonas was settled.

Jonas and Turner got married in 2019 and had daughters Willa in 2020 and Delphine in 2022. In his divorce filing, Jonas stated that their marriage was beyond repair and believed that shared parental responsibility was best for their children.

Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas, claiming that their daughters were unfairly kept in NYC while she was abroad. She also accused Jonas of holding onto the kids’ passports to prevent them from traveling to the U.K.

In response, a spokesperson for Jonas addressed the issue in a statement in September 2023. They referred to the situation as an "unfortunate legal disagreement" and expressed that terms like "abduction" were misleading and an abuse of the legal system. The spokesperson clarified that the children were not abducted.

One month later, the twosome reached a temporary custody agreement. Turner's lawsuit was dismissed in January, as reported by British Vogue.

In her first in-depth interview since splitting from Jonas, Turner shared her hopes for her family's future in the cover story. She expressed her dream of having a huge Christmas where her daughters can be with their dad, Joe's entire family, and their grandparents. Turner emphasized that she values love over politics and simply wants her girls to feel loved with everyone present for them.

Editor's P/S:

Sophie Turner's resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to the transformative power of female friendships. Taylor Swift's unwavering support and generosity during Turner's divorce is a shining example of how women can uplift and empower each other in trying times. It is heartening to witness the depth of their bond, which transcends the confines of a simple friendship to become a beacon of hope and a source of strength.

Turner's candid account of her divorce highlights the emotional toll such events take on individuals and their families. Her legal battle over custody of her children adds another layer of complexity to the situation, underscoring the challenges of navigating the intersection of love, family, and the law. Her aspiration for a harmonious future, where her daughters are surrounded by love from both parents and extended family, is a poignant reminder of the enduring bonds that can withstand life's storms.