Sophie Turner's Reaction to Discovering Her First Pregnancy with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner's Reaction to Discovering Her First Pregnancy with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner revealed her uncertainty about motherhood when she found out she was expecting her first child with ex Joe Jonas.

Sophie Turner Asked Joe Jonas What to Do After Learning of 1st Pregnancy

Sophie Turner Asked Joe Jonas What to Do After Learning of 1st Pregnancy

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Sophie Turner, 28, is a proud mom of two daughters with her ex-husband Joe Jonas. However, she recently revealed that she had doubts about becoming a parent at a young age.

In a candid interview with British Vogue published on Wednesday, May 15, Turner shared about her journey into motherhood. She recalled the moment she discovered she was pregnant with her eldest child, Willa, now 3, while on a retreat in Bali.

"It was my first day at the retreat and I was about to meet my roommate for the first time. But before we could chat, I mentioned that I needed to take a pregnancy test," she recalled. "After taking the test, I couldn't believe it - I found out I was pregnant. So, I jokingly said to my roommate, 'Nice to meet you, I'm pregnant!'"

After finding out about her pregnancy, Turner took a week to think about it and spoke with therapists at the retreat. When she returned home, she finally told Jonas, who was 34 at the time. "I remember handing him the pregnancy test and asking, 'What do you think? Should we go through with this?' At that age, life seemed carefree and I wasn't sure if I was ready to be a mother. But something inside me shifted that day, and I knew deep down that I wanted to have the baby."

Turner and Jonas welcomed their daughter Willa in July 2020, and their daughter Delphine, who is now 22 months old, in July 2022. Turner shared that it has been a joy to witness their growth, mentioning how quickly everything changes as they continue to grow up.

The Game of Thrones actress revealed that their busy schedules inspired them to have a second child. Turner explained, "Because my husband and I travel a lot, I wanted Willa to have a sibling. I wanted them to have each other. They bring so much joy, are very girly, and brighten up my life."

Sophie Turner Asked Joe Jonas What to Do After Learning of 1st Pregnancy

Sophie Turner Asked Joe Jonas What to Do After Learning of 1st Pregnancy

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Turner shared that becoming a mother was a positive experience for her relationship with her body, especially after battling an eating disorder. She recalled a conversation with her therapist after giving birth, where she initially focused on physical discomforts like leaking milk and postpartum bleeding. However, her therapist reminded her of the incredible capabilities of the human body and the importance of nourishing it to support these functions. This perspective shift was eye-opening for Turner.

Following four years of marriage, Jonas filed for divorce from Turner in September 2023. Turner responded by taking legal action against her estranged husband, seeking to have their daughters return to the U.K. and alleging that Jonas was preventing them from traveling to be with her. A representative for Jonas clarified that a court order in Florida prohibited the children from being relocated during the ongoing divorce process.

Us confirmed in the same month that Turner and Jonas had agreed not to take the children out of the U.S. They also established a temporary custody arrangement in October 2023.

After the temporary custody agreement expired in March, Turner, who is now with aristocrat Peregrine Pearson, requested to reactivate the divorce case with Jonas. A representative for Jonas mentioned on March 19 that the filing was a necessary legal step, and the couple is still working towards a friendly resolution.

Editor's P/S:

Sophie Turner's journey into motherhood has been marked by both joy and uncertainty. Initially hesitant about becoming a parent at a young age, she underwent a profound shift that led her to embrace the experience. Turner's candid reflections on her pregnancy and the growth of her daughters offer a relatable and inspiring perspective on the challenges and rewards of parenthood. Her emphasis on the importance of nourishing her body after an eating disorder highlights the transformative power of motherhood in promoting self-acceptance and a positive relationship with one's physicality.

Despite the recent legal proceedings surrounding her divorce from Joe Jonas, Turner remains committed to providing a stable and loving environment for her daughters. The temporary custody arrangement and the ongoing divorce process reflect the complexities of navigating the dissolution of a marriage while prioritizing the well-being of children. Turner's decision to reactivate the divorce case suggests a desire for a swift and amicable resolution, allowing both parents to move forward and co-parent their daughters in a harmonious manner.