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Majority of B2B Marketers Embracing 'Bold Creative Strategies'

A significant number of B2B marketers are leveraging bold creative strategies to enhance brand engagement and boost conversions, reveals recent findings from LinkedIn research.

Walmart provides suppliers with access to valuable off-site customer journey data

Discover how Digital Landscapes empowers suppliers to monitor pre-purchase online shopper activities, enhancing marketing strategies for greater success.

Study Reveals: Gen Z Favors Social Media Over Google for Specific Searches

While Google remains dominant for local services, TikTok emerges as the top platform for exploring gift ideas, beauty trends, and wellness tips according to recent research findings.

Maximizing Marketing Success: Embracing a 'Moneyball' Approach to Your Media Mix

Discover why prioritizing media channels with high ROI over popular buzz can be the key to unlocking marketing success. Learn how overlooking these strategic opportunities may hinder your marketing ef...

Skippy's Venture into 'Empire' to Showcase Almond Butter, Caramel Collaboration

Experience a mini-movie featuring L. Thompson depicting an imaginary collaboration between The Almond Butter Collective and Caramel Co. inspired by the popular TV series.

CTV Surpasses Linear TV in Consumer Ad Engagement, Study Reveals

Recent research by DoubleVerify and TVision shows that premium CTV apps have surpassed traditional linear ads in capturing consumer attention, marking a significant shift in advertising trends.

Trust in Advertising on the Rise: UK's Perception Shifts After a Decade

Recent studies indicate a positive shift in trust towards advertising in the UK as revealed by the Advertising Association. The industry's reputation is improving, marking a significant change from be...

Pet food startup KatKin appoints inaugural Chief Marketing Officer to drive expansion

Lloyd Page, former CMO of Motorway and marketing director at Moneysupermarket, joins KatKin to enhance brand visibility and consumer interest in the direct-to-consumer pet food company.

The Impact of Brand AI Chatbots: Insights from Marketoonist

Discover the insights of Marketoon Studios founder, Tom Fishburne, on the influence of brand AI chatbots. Stay updated on his work at and follow him on Twitter @tomfishburne.

Navigating the Clarity Conundrum in Marketing

Discover how the lack of clarity in marketing strategies leads to misaligned efforts, resource wastage, and demotivated teams. Uncover the significant impacts of operating without a clear direction in...