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Roblox defies metaverse hype with strong user growth and revenue boost

Roblox defies the odds as it continues to appeal to young consumers, recording a remarkable 22% YoY growth in revenue Furthermore, it has achieved an all-time high of 661 million daily active users, s...

The Key to Thriving in Today's Marketing: Prioritizing People

Discover how a people-first approach can help you navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape Learn how to take controlled risks, establish a solid data foundation, and stay adaptable in the face o...

Digital Dominance: Upfronts Spending Favors Media Shift

Digital media is set to dominate upfronts spending, accounting for over 50% of the pie This is expected to offset the decline in traditional TV as the industry adapts to evolving consumer preferences

Pepsi and Bad Bunny team up for free Apple Music trial

Pepsi's latest campaign, Press Play On Summer, teams up with the world-renowned musician Bad Bunny to offer consumers who purchase select PepsiCo drinks three free months of Apple Music With the use o...

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