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Travis Kelce to Extend Support for Taylor Swift on European Tour: Sharing 'Wonderful Time' Overseas (Exclusive)

An exclusive source reveals that Travis Kelce plans to accompany Taylor Swift on more 'Eras Tour' performances in Europe, continuing their enjoyable time abroad.

Taylor Swift Praises Joe Keery's Song 'End of Beginning' as an Early Fan

Taylor Swift expressed her admiration for Joe Keery's song 'End of Beginning,' citing that she 'really [loved] that track of yours,' as recalled by the actor.

Charlie Puth Expresses Gratitude to Taylor Swift for Inspiring New Music Release with ‘TTPD’ Mention

Charlie Puth shows appreciation to Taylor Swift for mentioning him on ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ and hints at his upcoming single, ‘Hero’

Travis Kelce Denies Proposal Plans with Taylor Swift: Insider Reveals Exclusive Details

Travis Kelce refutes any intention to propose to Taylor Swift, as revealed by an insider despite conflicting reports

Travis Kelce Playfully Teases Taylor Swift About Headlining Kelce Jam: 'Now That's Too Much!'

Travis Kelce playfully teases his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, about the idea of her headlining his music festival Kelce Jam, joking that it would be over-the-top given her immense popularity.

Taylor Swift Navigates Wardrobe Mishap with Grace During 'Eras Tour' Performance

Witness Taylor Swift's quick thinking as she gracefully handles a wardrobe malfunction on stage during her 'Eras Tour' concert in Stockholm, showcasing her professionalism and poise.

Exploring Taylor Swift's Reflections on Marriage in Her Songwriting: From 'Speak Now' to 'You're Losing Me'

Delve into Taylor Swift's lyrical exploration of marriage and engagement, spanning from her iconic album 'Speak Now' to the poignant track 'You're Losing Me'. Discover the recurring themes and heartfe...

Bridgerton Star Victor Alli Talks About Fan-Made Videos for Francesca and John with Taylor Swift Soundtrack (Exclusive)

'Bridgerton' actor Victor Alli shares exclusively with Us Weekly the trend of fans making videos featuring Francesca and John paired with emotional Taylor Swift tracks

Patrick Mahomes Reveals His Top 3 Taylor Swift Songs

Patrick Mahomes shares his three favorite tracks by his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, featuring two hits from her latest album, 'Heartstrings and Melodies.'

Travis Kelce's Niece Wyatt Adores Taylor Swift's Hit 'The Man': A Family Favorite

Discover why Wyatt, the young niece of Travis Kelce, is captivated by Taylor Swift's chart-topping single 'The Man.' Dive into the Kelce family's love for this particular track and how it has become a...