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What is pricing strategy? Popular Pricing Strategies in Marketing

What is pricing strategy? Differences between Pricing Strategy and Product Pricing method. Explanation of Popular pricing strategies in Marketing. Steps to implement each pricing strategy.

What is a brand?

What is a brand? Elements that make up the brand. Examples of some famous brands.

What is Label? Differences between Label and Brand

What is Label? What are the differences between Label and Brand

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, roughly translated as Customer Relationship Management System, is a system for managing contact between businesses and customers. The system includes t...

What is Marketing Management? Definition, Roles & Jobs

What is Marketing Management? Analyze the role of the marketing manager. List of tasks and jobs of Marketing management. Overview of the marketing management process.

Nike's Influencer Marketing strategy

Analysis of Nike's Influencer Marketing strategy - The king in the sports clothing and footwear industry.

Highlights of Electrolux's Business - Marketing strategy

Join to refer to the outstanding features inside the business strategy - Marketing of AB Electrolux.

The growth of Microsoft Windows

The growth of Microsoft's Windows operating system through its versions. The analyzation of Microsoft's ups and downs associated with Windows versions.

What is selective attention?

What is Selective Attention? Examples of selective attention in real life. What is overselective state and how does it affect people's cognitive and evaluation abilities?

What is selective distortion? Examples and Explanation

Concept, definition of Selective distortion. Typical example of selective distortion. Analyze the causes leading to the expression Selective distortion. Effects of Selective Distortion on Marketing Co...


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