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Andy Cohen Envisions Bette Midler as the Ultimate Icon of Beverly Hills on ‘RHOBH’

Discover how Andy Cohen predicts Bette Midler as the quintessential figure of Beverly Hills if she were to join 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'. Dive into the potential glamour and drama that c...

Andy Cohen Addresses Backlash Over Princess Kate Middleton Jokes

Following controversial remarks about Kate Middleton prior to her cancer disclosure, Andy Cohen breaks his silence on the controversy and responds to the criticism received.

Leah McSweeney Calls for Andy Cohen's Apology Over Insensitive Kate Middleton Remarks Pre-Cancer Revelation

In the midst of a legal battle with Andy Cohen, Leah McSweeney expresses dismay at his 'cruel' humor towards Kate Middleton prior to her cancer announcement.

Andy Cohen Speaks Out on Prince William's Alleged Affair with Rose Hanbury Amid Kate Middleton's Absence

Andy Cohen shares his thoughts on the rumored affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury, shedding light on Princess Kate Middleton's absence from public view.

Andy Cohen Supports Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theory Following Recent Outing Controversy

Andy Cohen adds fuel to the speculation surrounding Kate Middleton's disappearance by endorsing a conspiracy theory regarding her current location after a viral video from their recent outing.

Andy Cohen Pays Tribute to the 'Perfectly Marvelous' Natasha Richardson on the 15th Anniversary of Her Passing

Reflecting on the life of Natasha Richardson, Andy Cohen pays tribute to the 'perfectly marvelous' actress 15 years after her sudden passing in March 2009. Join us as we remember the legacy of this ex...

Melissa Gorga and Luann de Lesseps Stand by Andy Cohen Amid Leah McSweeney's Legal Battle

Melissa Gorga and Luann de Lesseps express solidarity with Andy Cohen as Leah McSweeney unveils legal challenges

Andy Cohen Reacts to Dorit Kemsley's Lengthy Monologues at 'RHOBH' Reunions

Andy Cohen's reactions to Dorit Kemsley's extended speeches during 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunions have been noticeable, with moments of yawning and restlessness.

Andy Cohen Teases Emotional Rollercoaster in 'The Traitors' Season 2 Reunion

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as Andy Cohen hints at 'tears' and 'screaming' in the highly anticipated season 2 reunion of 'The Traitors'.

'Real Housewives' Celebrities Rally Behind Andy Cohen Amidst Leah McSweeney's Shocking Legal Battle

Members of the 'Real Housewives' franchise show unwavering support for Andy Cohen amidst the unexpected lawsuit brought forth by Leah McSweeney.