Major Destiny 2 Super Nerf Announcement - Game Director Spills the Details!

Major Destiny 2 Super Nerf Announcement - Game Director Spills the Details!

Destiny 2's game director hints at an upcoming nerf to an immensely popular super ability, creating anticipation and speculation among players before the highly anticipated Final Shape raid


The Destiny 2 game director announces a potential nerf incoming for Well of Radiance, a popular super ability for Solar Warlocks, in the upcoming expansion.

The Well of Radiance has consistently been utilized in endgame encounters as it provides healing, damage buffs, and reload speed boosts. However, its overwhelming dominance raises concerns about stifling build crafting and player creativity. Consequently, the upcoming nerf of the Well of Radiance is anticipated to elicit a strong reaction within the Destiny 2 community. This will likely lead to debates surrounding the impact of the change and its potential effect on the upcoming World's First Raid race.

Destiny 2 Warlocks should prepare themselves for The Final Shape as the game director recently announced an upcoming nerf to one of the game's most popular super abilities, Well of Radiance. In the new expansion of Destiny 2, each class will receive three new supers, and Warlocks will gain a Solar-based super that focuses on improved grenade and melee abilities, similar to Destiny's Radiance. Alongside these new supers, subclasses will also receive new fragments and aspects that enhance the options for creating light-based builds.

Destiny 2's appeal lies in its seamless integration of gunplay and ability-based gameplay, creating a unique experience within the looter shooter genre. Fans of the game's combat system have praised the synergy between weapon perks and subclass abilities, which work together or enhance each other to create powerful builds. The pinnacle of ability-based gameplay is the super ability available to each elemental subclass. Supers offer the most impactful effects in a player's arsenal, delivering massive damage or providing protection to a fireteam of six in intense encounters. Due to their lengthy cooldown timers, supers are typically saved for burning bosses or surviving encounters with numerous powerful enemies.

The Well of Radiance super of Solar Warlocks, a staple for challenging endgame encounters, particularly on Master and Grandmaster-tier content or in the World's First Raid races of Destiny 2, has provided crucial benefits. Within its radius, every player receives potent healing output, damage buffs, and reload speed boosts. Resourceful Warlocks also rely on the Lunafaction Boots Exotic to further enhance the fireteam's reload speeds. Unfortunately, Destiny 2's game director Joe Blackburn revealed in an interview with PC Gamer that the prominence of the Well of Radiance is likely coming to an end. Blackburn explained that players will now need to choose between healing and empowering as the new Song of Flame super enhances scorching capabilities.

Major Destiny 2 Super Nerf Announcement - Game Director Spills the Details!

We've encountered similar situations in the past with abilities like Divinity and auto-reloading. At a certain point, we realized that while these abilities are popular and provide useful utility, they also limit our players. So we asked ourselves, how can we create a version of these abilities where players don't feel obligated to use them anymore? We understand that changes need to be made before The Final Shape raid.

Players shouldn't be too surprised by this news, as Well of Radiance has been a topic of debate regarding balance and difficulty in the endgame for quite some time. Despite the strong reactions it elicits from the community, the combination of this super with Exotics like Divinity continues to dominate the support and DPS meta in the endgame. Many experienced raiders and avid build creators have expressed their concerns about the Well's impact on build diversity and player creativity in the endgame.

The Destiny 2 community will strongly react to the eventual nerf, with both supporters and opposers of the decision. Additionally, the upcoming World's First Raid race for Crota's End will demonstrate the power of Well of Radiance in endgame content and continue to impact discussions on the matter.

Destiny 2 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: PC Gamer