Destiny 2's Next Chapter: A Game-Changing Surprise

Destiny 2's Next Chapter: A Game-Changing Surprise

Destiny 2's upcoming narrative arc could bring an epic surprise With Light and Darkness saga concluding, Bungie has a chance to innovate and take players on an ambitious journey Get ready for a game-changer that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Destiny 2 has been an epic journey for players as they battled against the forces of Darkness. They have experimented with new powers like Stasis and Strand, formed alliances with powerful figures like Caiatl and Mara Sov, and triumphed over numerous enemies who sided with The Witness. However, with the release of the Final Shape in 2024, this decade-long adventure will finally come to an end. Bungie should use this opportunity to take the game in an ambitious new direction for its next chapter.

While some argue that Bungie should stick to the universe it has already created, with players wanting Gearbox to expand on existing planets in Borderlands before adding new ones, there is a case for leaving the familiar worlds behind and exploring new territories. What if Destiny 2's next story took Guardians to a completely new galaxy? Imagine the potential for new and exciting enemies, allies, and environments to explore. The possibilities are endless, and it could be the perfect way to revitalize the franchise and keep players engaged for years to come.

Destiny 2's Next Chapter: A Game-Changing Surprise

Exploring a new galaxy in Destiny 2 would be a monumental task, one that would likely require the development of a new game. While Bungie has previously rejected the idea of a third Destiny title, the prospect of venturing beyond the current solar system is undeniably tantalizing, especially given Savathun's "two truths, two lies" recordings which suggest the possibility.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of exploring a new galaxy would be the opportunity to introduce completely fresh lore and significant characters. These planets would be entirely distinct from those in the existing galaxy, allowing Bungie to tell truly unique stories. Additionally, the studio would have even more creative freedom when designing the locations, as planets could feature entirely different technology and aesthetics. If the Dreaming City is any indication of how stunning fully original areas can be, players have a lot to look forward to.

Another advantage of exploring a new galaxy in Destiny is the opportunity to move away from the same old enemy races that players have been battling for years. While some may enjoy shooting Thralls and Cabal soldiers, others are yearning for something fresh. The addition of the Scorn and Taken was a good start, but introducing multiple new factions in a different galaxy would be even more exciting. As long as Bungie avoids repeating the mistake made in Mass Effect: Andromeda and features a variety of new alien species, players will be thrilled.

Bungie could take things further by introducing a new Guardian class to join the existing Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks. Perhaps the Traveler has already visited this hypothetical second galaxy in the past, leaving behind old Guardians who have been transformed in some way. This could justify the introduction of a summoner role, or a new class could emerge as players follow the Traveler to its next destination. While this would require a significant amount of work on Bungie's part to create new subclasses and gear, the payoff could be massive.

Moving to a different universe would also allow Bungie to wrap up storylines for characters like Zavalla without killing them off. Zavalla could continue to oversee The Last City while Guardians embark on new adventures light years away. If Bungie doesn't want to create a whole new game for this, they could slowly expand the universe one planet at a time, introducing new enemy factions and subclasses for a potential fourth class. While this may seem like an ambitious undertaking, a major story arc coming to an end creates endless possibilities for fresh content.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.