Destiny 2's Game-Changing Move that Diablo 4 Needs

Destiny 2's Game-Changing Move that Diablo 4 Needs

Destiny 2's Season of the Deep brings exciting changes that should inspire Diablo 4's launch With constant content drops, great storytelling, and player-focused updates, Destiny 2 knows how to reward its players The recent accessibility features, such as the changes to reticles, should be emulated by Diablo 4

Destiny 2 has undergone significant changes and improvements since its initial release, making it easier for long-time players to appreciate its evolution. The game presents a daunting challenge for new players, but its constant content drops, new gear, compelling sci-fi storylines, and regular updates demonstrate that Bungie is attentive to fan feedback. Recently, Destiny 2 has made great strides in accessibility features, which have helped to broaden its player base. The changes to reticles in Season 21 have been particularly well-received, and it is our hope that Diablo 4 will take note and implement similar features.

Although Destiny 2 and Diablo 4 are vastly different games, they share similar roots as looters packed with high-octane action. With so much happening on the players' screens, it is essential to find the right balance between providing immediate information and avoiding visual clutter. Destiny 2's Season of the Deep changes to reticles demonstrate the importance of conveying information clearly and efficiently, and we believe that Diablo 4 should follow suit.

How a New Season 21 Destiny 2 Feature Can Inspire Change for Diablo 4

Destiny 2's Game-Changing Move that Diablo 4 Needs

In a first-person shooter game like Destiny 2, having weapons that provide clear information about their shooting patterns, visible aiming down sights, and an appropriate field of view for adjusting shots is crucial. With the release of Destiny 2's Season of the Deep, Bungie has taken steps to improve this system by updating reticles for various weapon types, including sidearms, fusion rifles, swords, and hand cannons. For instance, enemies appearing on the screen will cause the reticle to turn red, indicating when players should shoot.

Additionally, the revised reticles for fusion rifles and swords offer players even more essential information in the form of charge meters. Fusion rifles now feature a built-in charge meter beneath the reticle that displays the charging progress, while swords now make it easier to monitor the corresponding guard energy. These quality-of-life enhancements to Destiny 2 demonstrate Bungie's commitment to catering to its audience, and Blizzard could learn from this example.

When Diablo 4 launches, players may notice a lack of quality-of-life features such as having health and resource pools displayed on the character model. This can make it challenging to stay aware of both the action during fights and the skill bar's sides. Destiny 2's fusion rifle charge meter serves as a good example of how resources in Diablo 4 could be more visible and easier to monitor if they were in the center of the screen where players naturally look. Additionally, cooldowns not appearing on the HUD outside of the skill bar can also be problematic.

Diablo 4 heavily relies on using Basic and Core skills to generate and spend resources, as well as having cooldown skills that provide defensive benefits or powerful attacks. While these skills are visibly on cooldown on the skill bar, players must divert their attention away from the middle of the screen during fights, making it even more challenging to handle powerful bosses. Destiny 2's recent focus on conveying information where players are looking highlights the importance of this feature, which Diablo 4 could benefit from implementing.