Destiny 2 Event Raises Massive Charity Funds!

Destiny 2 Event Raises Massive Charity Funds!

Destiny 2's Guardian Games event has once again shown the gaming community's generosity Bungie has raised a significant amount of funds for Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee's charitable efforts worldwide This underlines Bungie's continued commitment to philanthropy and using the game as a force for good

Bungie has a long-standing tradition of using Destiny 2 as a platform to support charitable causes, and the latest Guardian Games event is no exception. This time around, the event has raised a significant amount of money that will go towards helping those in need. Bungie's charitable efforts are typically carried out through the Bungie Foundation, which recently collaborated with other organizations to raise funds for relief efforts in Turkey and Syria following a devastating earthquake in February 2023.

The funds raised from the latest Guardian Games event will be donated to Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee, both of which are actively involved in providing humanitarian aid to those affected by poverty and crises worldwide.

In keeping with previous Guardian Games events, Destiny 2 players were tasked with earning medals by participating in event-specific playlists and weekly rituals. The goal was to see their respective guardian class emerge victorious. Titans emerged as the winners during the inaugural Guardian Games in 2020, while Hunters and Warlocks claimed the top prize in 2021 and 2022, respectively. As of this writing, Bungie has announced that Titans have once again emerged as the winners, making them the first class to win the Guardian Games twice.

The Season of the Deep marks the end of the latest Guardian Games event, but also presents an opportunity to contribute to Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee. Bungie's efforts paid off as the studio raised an impressive $140,000 during the three-week event. To encourage donations, Bungie rewarded players with a special emblem, exclusively available to those who donated $25 or more.

Apart from the charitable cause, Bungie will also be presenting prizes to the top fireteams who participated in the Guardian Games. The studio is keeping track of medals dunked and the amount of money donated by each team. The top team in each category will receive custom artwork by two of the most talented artists in the Destiny community - GammaTrap and PherianArt, whose art is often featured by popular Destiny YouTubers such as Myelin Games and MyNameIsByf. Other prizes include a special Guardian Games pendant, another emblem, and discount codes for the Bungie Store.

Bungie's history of philanthropy suggests that there may be more charitable endeavors in store before the end of 2023. The Bungie Foundation has consistently supported various organizations, including Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ groups. With upcoming events like the Solstice and Festival of the Lost, Bungie could easily continue their charitable efforts, as they did during the Guardian Games in 2023. Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.