Destiny 2's Season of the Deep: A Game-Changing Move for Bungie and PlayStation

Destiny 2's Season of the Deep: A Game-Changing Move for Bungie and PlayStation

Destiny 2's Season of the Deep marks a new chapter for Bungie as a subsidiary of Sony, with potential collaborations with PlayStation Launching just before the PlayStation Showcase, it could offer exciting developments for both the game and the acquisition

Destiny 2's Guardian Games event is drawing to a close, with Titans poised to take first place. With less than a day left in Season 20, fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Season of the Deep and what it has in store. While Season 21 promises to continue the story established in Lightfall and provide a nostalgic trip for long-time fans who remember Titan as a destination, it has the potential to be much more. In fact, the release of Season of the Deep is just one day before the PlayStation Showcase, which could shed light on Sony's acquisition of Bungie and how it fits into the company's plans.

Sony's interest in acquiring Bungie was primarily driven by the studio's success with Destiny 2, which went from a rocky launch to a thriving live-service game. Bungie is expected to lend its expertise to other Sony studios working on live-service games, some of which may be announced soon. To that end, Bungie has revealed new ornaments in Destiny 2's Season 21, all of which pay homage to popular PlayStation-exclusive franchises.

Destiny 2's New PlayStation-Themed Ornaments Are Just The Beginning

Destiny 2's Season of the Deep: A Game-Changing Move for Bungie and PlayStation

Starting tomorrow, players can get their hands on new cosmetic items inspired by some of the greatest PlayStation games. Titans can channel their inner Kratos from God of War, Hunters can don armor pieces inspired by Aloy and the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West, and Warlocks can don a Ghost of Tsushima-inspired attire. Additionally, a Cordyceps Ghost Shell based on the infected from The Last of Us will also be available for purchase.

It's worth noting that these items will be available for purchase through the in-game Eververse shop, which charges players with a currency that can be bought via real money or with Bright Dust, attainable in the game through challenges and Season Pass ranks. While it's unclear whether the new crossover will have additional items that were not revealed via the tweet, it's likely just the first step that Sony can make with Bungie as its own subsidiary.

Destiny 2 has already seen crossovers with other games, such as the one with Ubisoft that introduced three new Assassin's Creed-themed armor sets. Given this history, it's not a surprise that PlayStation and Bungie have teamed up for a bigger crossover that entails multiple games. And despite the fact that these are PlayStation-exclusive games, Bungie has confirmed that the cosmetics will be available on every platform.

The potential for crossover events between Destiny 2 and PlayStation exclusives is vast, and Season of the Deep could be just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between Bungie and Sony. The cosmetic items featured in the Season are in line with Destiny 2's existing aesthetic, with the Warlock's connection to Jin from Ghost of Tsushima being explained by previous armor sets inspired by Asian culture. The Hunter's mix of high-tech and tribal garments and the Titan's war paint also fit seamlessly with their respective classes.

While The Last of Us has only made a cameo appearance in the form of the Ghost Shell, there is a possibility that the IP could have a more concrete presence in Destiny 2 in the future, perhaps coinciding with the release of The Last of Us Multiplayer. With other Sony titles like Final Fantasy, Uncharted, and Death Stranding also offering potential crossover opportunities, the possibilities for in-house collaborations are endless. This would be a fantastic way for Sony to continue adding value to Destiny 2, even if the game is not exclusive to PlayStation.