Destiny 2 Dev's Heartwarming Wedding Ring Engraving Idea

Destiny 2 Dev's Heartwarming Wedding Ring Engraving Idea

A Destiny 2 fan requested a custom wedding ring engraving and a Bungie developer came up with the perfect quote, citing a classic phrase Communication between the community and devs has improved, just in time for new seasonal content

A Bungie developer assigned to Destiny 2 had the perfect quote for a wedding ring engraving when someone requested one. Despite some communication difficulties between the Destiny community and the game's developers in the past, things have been progressing smoothly lately, which is encouraging given the new seasonal content on the horizon.

To be specific, things got heated when Destiny 2 YouTube comments were shut down due to excessive harassment towards Bungie and its developers earlier in 2023. However, negative sentiments seem to have subsided, with Bungie and some of the team discussing upcoming changes to the game without much concern.

One remarkable instance of positive community interaction can be observed on the largest subreddit of Destiny 2. A user sought advice on what quote from the game they should engrave on their wedding ring to celebrate their union. While the community provided numerous suggestions, the most noteworthy recommendation came from a Bungie developer.

Duardo_, a Bungie dev, proposed "We made our own fate," which perfectly fit the character limit required for the engraving. It is also a beautiful reference to Destiny's iconic Vault of Glass raid. In this raid, the final boss encounter challenges players to defeat a Vex entity capable of erasing them from the timeline. The phrase "Guardians make their own fate," which is used at the start of the damage phase, symbolizes the idea that Guardians are free from the constraints of causality.

Despite the inevitability of player harassment, the Destiny 2 community has shown plenty of positive outreach towards Bungie. One example of this is the excitement surrounding psychopotchi's upcoming decision, which is sure to thrill her fiancé no matter what she chooses.

However, it's not all good news for Bungie. The upcoming Season of the Deep may bring controversy due to the introduction of what could be Destiny 2's first pay-to-win feature. Whether this feature will cause significant problems remains to be seen, but players won't have to wait long to find out - Season 21 launches on May 22.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.