Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About Including Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Jokes in Oscars 2024 Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About Including Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Jokes in Oscars 2024 Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel discusses his decision to include Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce jokes in the upcoming Oscars 2024 monologue, highlighting that no topic is off limits for his comedic style.

Jimmy Kimmel Teases Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Jokes in Oscars Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel Teases Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Jokes in Oscars Monologue

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Jimmy Kimmel is open to making jokes about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in his upcoming Academy Awards monologue. The 56-year-old comedian mentioned to CNN on Friday, March 8 that while he won't completely rule out referencing Swift, 34, and Kelce's relationship, he believes those jokes may have been overdone.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! star is getting ready to host the Oscars on Sunday, March 10. This will be his fourth time hosting the prestigious event. He mentioned that it can be challenging to come up with a funny monologue that doesn't upset the A-list celebrities.

According to him, creating a successful monologue depends on the individual's sensitivity. Some celebrities are more sensitive than others. Kimmel jokingly added, "God help you if I know you. If you've been to my house, you might be in trouble on Oscar night."

Kimmel’s approach is a breath of fresh air to end the awards show season. The season got off to a rocky start when Jo Koy hosted the Golden Globes in January. Koy, who is 52 years old, faced criticism for his Golden Globes monologue. The monologue included a reference to Swift and Kelce, which raised eyebrows among fans and even caught the attention of the singer herself.

At the Golden Globes, there's a noticeable contrast from the NFL. During the broadcast on January 7, the host pointed out that we see less of Taylor Swift on camera at the Golden Globes compared to the frequent shots of her at her boyfriend Kelce's NFL games.

When the audience didn't respond as expected, the host humorously shifted the blame to his writers and apologized for the comment.

The camera naturally turned to Swift in the audience, and she didn't seem too happy as she sipped her champagne with a serious expression.

After the failed joke, Koy made several apologies to Swift.

After the awards show ended, he told Entertainment Tonight that he thought it was cute and that there were less cutaways.

The next day, reflecting on the joke, Koy admitted on GMA3: What You Need to Know that it was just a little flat.

"I was actually focusing more on poking fun at the NFL by using cutaways, unlike the Globes who didn't need to do that," he clarified. "It was meant to be a playful jab at the NFL, but it didn't quite come across that way."

On the other hand, Kimmel believes that Koy deserves another opportunity to host an awards show.

"It's much easier for me than it is for Jo Koy," he shared with The Hollywood Reporter on March 4. He mentioned that the comedian should have another chance at hosting the Golden Globes next year.

"I believe it would be a wise decision. Jo Koy has learned from his experience and he's a talented comedian," Kimmel continued. "I think it would be a positive opportunity for everyone involved."

Editor's P/S:

Jimmy Kimmel's cautious approach to referencing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in his Oscar monologue reflects his understanding of the potential sensitivities of A-list celebrities. He recognizes that some jokes may have been overused, and his willingness to consider the feelings of attendees demonstrates his respect for the event and its guests.

Kimmel's comments about Jo Koy's Golden Globes monologue highlight the challenges faced by hosts in crafting humorous content that avoids offending the audience. Koy's attempt to poke fun at the NFL's frequent camera cuts to Swift fell flat, and his subsequent apologies underscore the importance of delivering jokes that are both entertaining and respectful. Kimmel's support for Koy's potential return to hosting the Golden Globes suggests that he believes in the comedian's ability to learn from his experience and deliver a successful performance in the future.