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What are consumers? What is consumer behavior?

What are consumers? What is consumer behavior? How to distinguish between consumers and customers?

Marketing Research - The key for Netflix's success

The article reviews the factors that bring success to Netflix from its founding to now, focusing on analyzing the marketing research capabilities of this business.

What are Marketing Objectives? Classification and examples

What are Marketing Objectives? Categorize Marketing Objectives. Good examples of Marketing goals

What is market research? Steps to conduct a market research

The steps to follow in the market research process (Marketing research) in the form of a diagram. Detailed analysis of each implementation step.

What is supply chain management?

What is supply chain management (management)? What are the task in supply chain management?

What is Marketing Myopia? Examples of Marketing Myopia

What is Marketing Myopia? Its harmful effects in the marketing activities of enterprises in general as well as business performance in particular. Some typical examples of Marketing Myopia.

Price adjustment strategy in Marketing

What strategies should businesses have to adjust prices when the market fluctuates? What is the content of implementing those strategies?

Rolex's Marketing Mix Strategy

Case study on Rolex's Marketing Mix strategy. The key points in the marketing mix strategy make the success of the Rolex brand.

Red Bull's Niche Marketing Strategy

Detailed analysis of the development process and strategy of choosing the target market of Red Bull. This is an example of success by choosing a niche, instead of going head-to-head with big players l...

How Emirates products/services differentiate their services

Research article on how and how Emirates creates value for products/services, how to position Emirates brand throughout its operation from inception to 2016


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