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What is SLA (Server Level Agreement)? How to set up an SLA

Service-level agreements (SLA) are an important part of marketing. It is the responsibility of a company to know what services they're offering and how long it will take for them to be delivered. This...

What is RFP? Why are RFPs important? How to create a RFP

RFP (Request for Proposal) is one of the great tools for businesses to implement large projects that need contributions from 3rd parties. In this article, we will go to understand what RFP is, its imp...

What is Customer lifetime value (CLV)? How to calculate CLV

Customer lifetime value is a key metric for any business and should be considered when strategizing marketing campaigns. In this blog post you will learn what Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is, and how...

What is OKR? Characteristics of OKRs? How to implement OKRs in business?

OKR is one of the popular and useful models for setting goals, measuring business progress Marketing and business. This article will help you master the basic aspects related to the OKR model, as well...

The rise and downfall of Nokia

Nokia was the world's largest and most powerful mobile phone maker in the early 2000s. However, since then they have lost a lot of their market share to other companies like Apple and Samsung. This bl...

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital (Free PDF)

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital - a textbook compiled by Philip Kotler about the shift of Marketing activities from traditional to digital form

International Marketing & Export Management - Buy/Free download (PDF)

International Marketing & Export Management - A very famous textbook on International Marketing and Export Management, widely used in universities and businesses.

Content Marketing for Dummies - Paul Clifford (PDF) Free Download

Content Marketing for Dummies - Author: Paul Clifford - Textbook for those who want to learn about Content Marketing methodically and easily.

Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Ferrel & Hartline - Buy/Free download

Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Author: O.C. Ferral, Michael D. Hartline - The textbook focuses on discussing issues related to marketing strategy.

Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism - Buy/Free Download (PDF)

Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism - Buy/Free Download (PDF) - Author: Philip Kotler, John T. Bowen, James Makens, Seyhmus Baloglu


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