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Steps to build brand equity in Marketing

The process of building a brand's asset value from an early stage to a strong development stage

What is Benchmarking in Marketing? Major types of Benchmarking

What is Benchmarking in Marketing? Benchmarking example in practice. Analyzation of the role and downside of Benchmarking

What is brainstorm? The process of brainstorming

What is Brainstorm? Analyze the concept and role (application) of brainstorming. Guide to brainstorming steps. Some things to keep in mind during brainstorming.

What is R&D? Job description of R&D department

What is R&D? Explain the concept of R&D. Analyze the role (duty/responsibility) of the R&D department in the enterprise. Job description of R&D department.

What is SMS Marketing? How to setup an SMS Marketing campaign

What is SMS Marketing? Advantages and disadvantages of SMS Marketing compared to Email Marketing. Step-by-step instructions (how) to deploy an SMS Marketing campaign

What is SMART Model? How to setup SMART goals?

What is the SMART model? Explain the concept of the SMART model. List and analyze the criteria in the SMART model. Guide to setting goals according to the SMART model.

What is SERVQUAL? How to control & increase service quality?

What is service quality? What is the SERVQUAL model? How to apply SERVQUAL model to service quality assessment? How to improve service quality in business?

What is Word Of Mouth? The power of WOM in advertising

What is Word of Mouth? Its role and influence on the marketing activities of the business. Methods to help businesses promote word of mouth advertising activities.

What are Customer Insights? How to gain customer insights?

Customer Insight (Insight khách hàng) là gì? Vai trò và ý nghĩa của Customer Insight trong Marketing. Các phương pháp giúp doanh nghiệp nâng cao khả năng Insight khách hàng.

What is Email Marketing? Steps in a Email Marketing campaign

What is email marketing? Is Email Marketing really effective at this point? Steps to deploy Email Marketing campaign in the most effective way


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