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Captain Lee Reflects on Captain Kerry's Decision to Replace Jared

Captain Lee discusses Captain Kerry's choice to dismiss Jared Woodin and bring in Ben Willoughby as the new bosun aboard the yacht.

Captain Lee Reacts to 'VPR' Salary Talks: Assessing Contributions

Captain Lee shares his perspective on 'Vanderpump Rules' salary discussions and questions the basis for salary increases among the cast members following the Scandoval incident.

Why Captain Lee Rosbach's Return to Below Deck May Not Be in the Cards

Discover the latest buzz surrounding Captain Lee's potential comeback on Below Deck. Will the beloved captain make a return to the show?

Captain Lee Takes on a Thrilling New Role in 'Deadly Seas: Murder on the High Waters'

Captain Lee sails into uncharted waters with his exhilarating new TV venture, 'Deadly Waters', following his dramatic departure from Bravo's 'Below Deck' Brace yourself for a thrilling voyage filled w...

Captain Lee Rosbach's Best One-Liners: A Look Back at the Wit and Wisdom of Below Deck's Iconic Captain

As Captain Lee Rosbach bids farewell to Below Deck, it's time to revisit some of his most memorable one-liners that have left fans in stitches. From humorous anecdotes to witty retorts, Captain Lee's...

Captain Lee Expresses Surprise at Kyle Cooke's Avoidance at BravoCon, Considers It a Standout Moment

Captain Lee expresses surprise at Kyle Cooke's avoidance during BravoCon, highlighting the awkward encounter between the two Below Deck stars

Did Kyle Cooke Play a Role in Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s Breakup, According to Captain Lee from Below Deck?

Captain Lee dismisses Kyle Cooke's opinion on Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke's breakup, highlighting the Summer House star's lack of insight and suggesting his involvement may have contributed to thei...

Captain Lee's Jaw-Dropping Verdict on Captain Sandy's 'Forged Paperwork Drama': A Crucial Lesson Learned

Captain Lee criticizes Captain Sandy's 'embarrassing' forged paperwork incident on 'Below Deck Med' Find out why he considers it a valuable lesson in season 8

Captain Lee Slams Tom Sandoval as the Ultimate 'Johnny Depp 20' Amidst Scandal

Captain Lee's former 'Below Deck' costar reveals his shocking opinion on Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal with Raquel Leviss Find out why Captain Lee dubbed Sandoval the 'Poor Man's Johnny Depp'