Captain Lee Reflects on Captain Kerry's Decision to Replace Jared

Captain Lee Reflects on Captain Kerry's Decision to Replace Jared

Captain Lee discusses Captain Kerry's choice to dismiss Jared Woodin and bring in Ben Willoughby as the new bosun aboard the yacht.

Below Decks Captain Lee Weighs In on Captain Kerry Firing Jared Says He Would Have Done It Earlier

Below Decks Captain Lee Weighs In on Captain Kerry Firing Jared Says He Would Have Done It Earlier

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Captain Lee Rosbach expressed his approval of Captain Kerry Titheradge's choice to dismiss Jared Woodin from the boat.

In a recent episode of his podcast "Salty With Captain Lee," Lee and his cohost, Sam DeCavalcanti, talked about the onscreen departure of Jared and Cat Baugh.

Lee mentioned that he didn't blame Kerry for asking Jared to step down due to issues arising from the bosun drinking on crew nights out. On the other hand, Cat decided to leave after receiving a worrying phone call from a friend.

Reflecting on his time on Below Deck with the deck team, Lee shared, "If this incident was just one of many mistakes this guy made, I would have let him go sooner."

During the March 18 episode of the popular Bravo series, Kerry made the decision to let Jared go. Additionally, the captain promoted Ben Willoughby, who had previously appeared on a past season of Below Deck before returning as a lead deckhand.

Ben shared with us last month that he was initially surprised to not be promoted to bosun. He had gained experience working as a bosun on other vessels between seasons and had easily transitioned into that role. Moving back to the position of lead deckhand, Ben admitted he had to hold back his feelings and observe the dynamics of the team.

Ben thought about his issues with Jared during season 11. He felt like there was a competition between them. Jared could have taken advantage of Ben's knowledge of the boat and how it runs smoothly. Ben felt Jared was trying to use his authority to control him. Despite trying to hold back, Ben was prepared to leave the boat because he knew they were headed for failure.

Ben also mentioned that Jared being bosun first helped him learn what not to do.

He admitted to Us that he was pleased that Jared had the first try at it, giving him the chance to observe and understand what was happening. Watching Jared's attempt allowed him to learn how to handle the situation, understand Kerry's expectations, especially during docking. He noticed Jared was struggling, which made him realize he needed to be fully prepared and focused.

Meanwhile, Lee's perspective on Kerry's decision follows his own unexpected departure. In February 2023, Us revealed that Lee would no longer be part of Below Deck after being on the show for a decade. He has now moved on to a new project as the host of a true crime series called Deadly Waters on Oxygen.

Kerry was first seen on Below Deck Adventure in early 2023 before becoming the new crew member on Below Deck season 11.

You can catch Below Deck season 11 on Bravo every Monday at 9 p.m. ET, with new episodes available for streaming on Peacock the following day.

Editor's P/S:

Captain Lee's approval of Captain Kerry's decision to dismiss Jared from the boat highlights the importance of maintaining a professional and responsible work environment. Jared's drinking habits had become a liability, and Kerry's prompt action to address the issue was necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the crew. Ben Willoughby's perspective on the situation, as someone who had worked with Jared previously, provides valuable insights into the dynamics of the deck team and the challenges faced by Jared in his role as bosun.

Lee's departure from Below Deck after a decade is a significant event in the show's history. His long-standing presence and leadership have been integral to the show's success. It will be interesting to see how the show evolves without him and how Kerry will navigate the challenges of being the new captain. eventual promotion to lead deckhand demonstrates the importance of patience, observation, and seizing opportunities when they arise.