The Unveiling of Solo Leveling's Ending: A Journey through Timelines

The Unveiling of Solo Leveling's Ending: A Journey through Timelines

Discover the electrifying conclusion of the Solo Leveling manhwa and unravel the mysteries of the newly created timeline by Sung Jin-Woo Immerse yourself in the exhilarating action and breathtaking artwork that has captivated a global fanbase since its 2016 serialization

Since its serialization in 2016, Solo Leveling manhwa has amassed a huge global fanbase, drawn to its thrilling action sequences and top-notch artwork. Naturally, fans were eagerly anticipating the first episode of the ongoing anime adaptation of Chugong's masterpiece, and it did not disappoint.

Given Solo Leveling's reputation as one of the best manhwa of all time, it's no surprise that fans are eager to see how the story concludes. Many anime and manga series have fallen short when it comes to delivering a satisfying ending, so the anticipation is understandable.

Explaining the ending of the Solo Leveling manhwa

Although the final chapter of the main story of the Solo Leveling manhwa was released over two years ago, there are many new fans who are unaware of how it ended. The conclusion of the epic story has sparked division among the fanbase due to differing opinions.

Sung Jin-Woo faced his most challenging showdown in the epic conclusion of the Solo Leveling manhwa, taking on the Monarch of Destruction, also known as the 'Dragon King' Antares. The widespread devastation caused by Antares' army began in Canada, leaving unimaginable destruction in its wake.

Driven by a desire to prevent more casualties and protect his family, Jin-Woo made the bold decision to confront the Monarch of Destruction alone. Using the Dragon's Fearsome Roar to incapacitate the rest of Antares' army, he led his adversary to an uninhabited island in Japan, marking the beginning of the showdown between the Shadow Monarch and the Monarch of Destruction.

Although Jin-Woo initially held his own against Antares, his opponent's overwhelming power quickly shifted the balance of the fight. Antares then presented Jin-Woo with a choice - if he agreed to join forces to eliminate the Rulers, Antares and his forces would spare Korea and vanish from the world.

The Unveiling of Solo Leveling's Ending: A Journey through Timelines

During the battle against Antares in the Solo Leveling manhwa, Sung Jin-Woo showcased his shadow armor, which he had crafted. He managed to outwit his opponent by declaring that he could see through his true intentions just by looking into his eyes. In response, Antares transformed into a massive dragon and launched a renewed assault. (Image via Chugong/DUBU/Webtoon)

Realizing he couldn't break through the Dragon King's armor with just his dagger, Jin-Woo crafted his own armor from darkness and shadows. The ensuing battle between the two is widely acclaimed for its exceptional artwork in the manhwa industry. However, the fight ended anticlimactically when the Rulers arrived and swiftly killed Antares.

It was then revealed that Jin-Woo's fight with the Dragon King had been a mere distraction to buy time for the Rulers. This revelation rendered all of Jin-Woo's efforts futile, resulting in a disappointing conclusion to an otherwise visually impressive and intense fight.

The Unveiling of Solo Leveling's Ending: A Journey through Timelines

The battle between Sung Jin-Woo and Antares depicted in the Solo Leveling manhwa (Image via Chugong/DUBU/Webtoon)

Despite the gratitude expressed by the Rulers, Jin-Woo remained unsatisfied. The devastation caused by Antares had resulted in the loss of countless lives and the destruction of a significant portion of the world. Coupled with the deaths of his father and comrades, Jin-Woo was deeply affected. Consequently, he implored the Rulers to grant him the opportunity to utilize the Cup of Reincarnation once more, in order to return to the past and prevent the tragic events from occurring.

In the typical style of shonen series, Jin-Woo made the choice to single-handedly battle the Monarchs in order to protect his world and everyone he cared for. The Cup of Reincarnation rewound time, transporting Jin-Woo back to his school days and bringing the Monarchs back to life. Upon his return, he spent quality time with his friends and family before embarking on his mission to confront his enemies.

Jin-Woo enclosed himself in the Dimensional Rift as he faced off against the Monarchs alongside the remaining shadows from the past. Although the Solo Leveling manhwa did not delve into the details of his battles with the Monarchs, it was mentioned that it took him approximately 27 years to emerge victorious over his foes.

Solo Leveling: What happened in the new timeline created by Sung Jin-Woo?

Jin-Woo emerged victorious after defeating Antares in the Dimensional Rift and returned to his world, where he discovered that only two years had passed. To avoid causing panic, he had to maintain the appearance of a teenager instead of returning as a full-grown adult with a beard.

Ultimately, Jin-Woo successfully eradicated the Monarchs single-handedly and brought peace to his world. The story concluded with him resuming his life as an ordinary person, wielding unrivaled power that even the Rulers feared.

Upon Jin-Woo's return from the Rift, a messenger was dispatched to convey the Rulers' concern that his formidable power posed a potential threat to both them and the people of Earth. As a result, they suggested that he relocate to a different location.

Jin-Woo was not at all pleased with the proposal. The messenger understood that it would be wise not to provoke him further, as he knew the Rulers would not stand a chance if they clashed with Jin-Woo.

Even though Jin-Woo is canonically the strongest being in the Solo Leveling series, he chose to live a normal life. His comrades and friends from the previous timeline had no memories of the past and lived their own separate lives.

The Solo Leveling side story, released nearly a year after the main story's conclusion, depicts Jin-Woo eventually reuniting with all his friends and comrades from the past. He also engages in a romantic relationship with Cha Hae-In and they have a son together, a turn of events that seemed highly unlikely in the previous timeline. The side stories offer a more fulfilling conclusion to Sung Jin-Woo's journey and bring the beloved series to a satisfying end.

Editor's P/S

As a hard fan of Solo Leveling, I was eagerly anticipating the ending of the manhwa. The final battle between Sung Jin-Woo and the Monarch of Destruction, Antares, was highly anticipated, and the artwork was truly breathtaking. However, I was left feeling disappointed by the anticlimactic conclusion. The fight between Jin-Woo and Antares was intense and visually stunning, but it ultimately felt like a distraction from the main plot. The arrival of the Rulers and their swift defeat of Antares rendered Jin-Woo's efforts futile, which was a letdown.

Despite the unsatisfying ending, I still hold Solo Leveling in high regard. The character development, action sequences, and artwork throughout the series were exceptional. Jin-Woo's journey from a weak hunter to the Shadow Monarch was incredibly compelling, and the supporting characters were well-developed and memorable. The manhwa's popularity is well-deserved, and I will always cherish the experience of reading it.