The Shocking Truth: The Unveiled Origins of Ahsoka Revealed by an Ancient Star Wars Species

The Shocking Truth: The Unveiled Origins of Ahsoka Revealed by an Ancient Star Wars Species

Ahsoka's latest episode unveils the captivating connection between the Nightsisters and the enigmatic Zeffo species, shedding light on their pivotal role in an ancient intergalactic civilization and the rekindling of lost pathways

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 6.


In Ahsoka episode 6, it is uncovered that the Nightsisters were governed by a primordial extraterrestrial race known as the Zeffo, who possessed the Force and eventually succumbed to the dark side. The symbols inscribed on the temple located in Peridea, the ancestral planet of the Nightsisters, affirm that the Zeffo exerted control across two galaxies, implying the existence of a civilization that spanned multiple galaxies.

Ahsoka has unlocked and utilized the starmap to Peridea, enabling the rediscovery of the once-lost ancient pathways. This newfound ability has the potential to make the powerful Zeffo a significant threat to the Star Wars galaxy. The ongoing revelations in Ahsoka shed light on the ancient origins and legends of the Star Wars galaxy, exposing a surprising truth that a single alien race stands behind it all. Morgan Elsbeth and her mercenaries have successfully navigated the pathway to Peridea, an extragalactic planet that holds secrets beyond the presence of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. The planet possesses a potent source of power that Baylan Skoll seeks, while the Nightsisters are desperate to escape from it.

Peridea, the ancient homeworld of the Nightsisters of Dathomir, remains an enigmatic planet. However, Ahsoka episode 6 divulged subtle hints regarding Peridea's history, potentially shedding light on the mysterious dark power mentioned by Baylan. Among these clues is the revelation of the Nightsisters' origin, unveiling an unexpected truth about the powerful beings from Dathomir.

Ahsoka Episode 6 Secretly Confirmed The Nightsisters Were Ruled By The Zeffo

The Shocking Truth: The Unveiled Origins of Ahsoka Revealed by an Ancient Star Wars Species

The Nightsisters have operated from a temple on Peridea, and the temple's runes have a strong affiliation with the Zeffo, an extraterrestrial race. In Jedi: Fallen Order, it was revealed that the Zeffo, an ancient species capable of using the Force, eventually succumbed to the dark side. Their Force-wielders, known as sages, became rulers of various planets across the galaxy, such as Kashyyyk and Dathomir.

Kujet, a Zeffo, governed Dathomir, and Ahsoka's examination of the runes confirms that the Zeffo once ruled not only over Dathomiri in one galaxy but in two. The runes on Peridea contain the phrase, "(P)raise Kujet ruler of all, may his reign last," indicating that Kujet held a significant and influential position among the Nightsisters. These words of praise for Kujet on Peridea suggest that the Zeffo may have held control over the Nightsisters from the inception of their intergalactic civilization.

The Zeffo Were At The Center of An Ancient Intergalactic Civilization

The Shocking Truth: The Unveiled Origins of Ahsoka Revealed by an Ancient Star Wars Species

The ancient civilization of the Zeffo, known for their wisdom, once ruled planets throughout the Star Wars galaxy. However, recent discoveries suggest that their influence extended beyond their own galaxy. The ancient runes on Peridea indicate a connection between the Zeffo and intergalactic travel. It is now believed that the Zeffo may have originated from a different galaxy and made their way to the Star Wars galaxy. Alternatively, it is possible that their encounter with the Nightsisters from Peridea led them to venture into other galaxies.

Regardless of the exact sequence of events, it is clear that the Zeffo had the ability to travel between galaxies and exerted their dominion over the Nightsisters on their original homeworld. This suggests that their power and influence may have extended to other planets in the Star Wars galaxy, as well as beyond. With such vast reach, it is conceivable that the Zeffo established an empire that spanned multiple galaxies. This discovery may offer valuable insights into the origins of the eternal conflict between light and dark, which Baylan is eagerly pursuing on Peridea.

Ahsoka Has Reopened The Pathways Lost When Intergalactic Civilization Collapsed

The Shocking Truth: The Unveiled Origins of Ahsoka Revealed by an Ancient Star Wars Species

The connection between Ahsoka and the Zeffo in Ahsoka's story traces back to her discovery of the Peridea map in episode 1. The map's spherical shape and the artwork within the temple bear a striking resemblance to the Zeffo temple explored by Cal Kestis in Jedi: Fallen Order. By utilizing the starmap, Ahsoka and Morgan Elsbeth have successfully reopened the long-lost ancient pathways leading to Peridea.

If some of the Zeffo inhabitants remain on Peridea, they could pose a significant threat to the entire Star Wars galaxy, surpassing even the danger posed by Thrawn and his Night Trooper army. This ancient species once wielded enough power to govern an intergalactic empire. If they have used their time in exile to rebuild their strength, they may have matched or surpassed their former might. The palpable fear displayed by the Nightsisters on Peridea suggests a strong indication of the increased power of the ancient species. With the pathways now open, it is not unreasonable to consider the possibility of them reaching their neighboring galaxy.

Ahsoka's introduction of the intergalactic twist has opened up vast possibilities for the future of Star Wars. By incorporating the Zeffo and their intergalactic civilization, the universe expands even further. This could be the source of power that Baylan is searching for on the planet. It is likely that this ancient story was passed down to the Jedi in the Temple, and it may tap into the Force and the dark side in a way that neither the Jedi nor the Sith have been able to do before. With only two episodes remaining in Ahsoka, the mention of the Zeffo may just be the beginning of a much larger story that encompasses the past, present, and future of Star Wars.

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