The Secret Guide to Farming Tireless Frogs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Secret Guide to Farming Tireless Frogs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Looking to craft stamina-boosting elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Find Tireless Frogs by searching in wells, caves, or buying them from Beedle Discover where to use these elusive creatures for maximum benefits

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Tireless Frogs Location

Where to Use Tireless Frogs

Unlike their counterparts, the Hot-Footed Frogs, Tireless Frogs are more particular about their habitats. They cannot be found simply by cutting down the grass in Hyrule; instead, they favor damp and dim locations like caves or wells in Tears of the Kingdom.

Initially, in Breath of the Wild, Tireless Frogs could only be harvested during rainfall. However, due to The Upheaval in Tears of the Kingdom, these frogs have taken shelter underground wherever there is water. Although they are not utilized for enhancing armor, they serve as a crucial ingredient in elixirs that grant Link an additional stamina wheel. This makes them highly valuable for activities such as climbing or gliding.

Tireless Frogs Location

The Secret Guide to Farming Tireless Frogs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tireless Frogs can typically be found in underground caves with water, particularly in some wells in eastern Hyrule. Additionally, Beedle at various stables sells them. In comparison to Hot-Footed Frogs, Tireless Frogs are less common.

To make the search for Tireless Frogs easier, players should take a picture of one and utilize the map's tracking feature (- button) by pressing the Y-button. However, this requires obtaining the Sensor+ and the Hyrule Compendium for the Purah Pad. These can be obtained by assisting Josha at Lookout Landing. Once Link acquires the Auto Build Ability, he can assist Robbie in enhancing the Purah Pad with the Sensor+ and the Compendium.

Search in Wells and Caves

Similar to lizards, Tireless Frogs are not invincible creatures. Utilizing a bow and arrow instead of expending energy in pursuing them will greatly facilitate the process of farming them. Although not as easily frightened as lizards, Tireless Frogs will quickly leap away if Link generates excessive noise. Therefore, it is imperative to augment his Stealth abilities beforehand.

The Secret Guide to Farming Tireless Frogs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To find the Tireless Frogs in Hyrule, where there are 58 wells and numerous caves, it can be challenging to know where to begin. However, players should start their search at the North Well located in Hateno Village. To reach Hateno Village, players can warp to the Zanmik Shrine at coordinates (3469, -2178, 0148). Down in the well, players can expect to encounter at least 2-3 Tireless Frogs hopping around.

Another alternative to explore is the well located at Dueling Peaks Stable (1757, -1957, 0010). This particular well has two additional wells within it that extend further into the depths underground. When descending, it is advisable to utilize the paraglider to slow Link's descent and be wary of the Tireless Frogs inhabiting the water.

Buy Tireless Frogs from Beedle

The Secret Guide to Farming Tireless Frogs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Beedle sells Tireless Frogs for 100 Rupees per frog at the following locations:

Wetland Stable (0914, -0248, 0034)

Snowfield Stable (-1630, 2587, 0234)

Foothill Stable (2610, 1144, 0148)

Kara Kara Bazaar (-3273, -2551, 0023)

New Serene Stable (-1348, 0745, 0085)

Riverside Stable (0326, -1087, 0009)

By stocking only two Tireless Frogs, players can obtain a maximum of 12 if they purchase Beedle's entire stock at each stable or bazaar. This method, though more expensive, is arguably the easiest way to gather Tireless Frogs. However, the price of 100 Rupees may be steep for those who have just embarked on their TotK journey. It is advisable to allocate funds towards purchasing armor, cooking ingredients, or upgrading existing armor instead. As players accumulate more Rupees, they can afford to buy all 12 Tireless Frogs without making a significant dent in their wallet.

If players possess a beetle in their inventory, Beedle will propose trading it for an elixir. However, it is important to note that certain beetles, such as the rare Energetic Rhino Beetles, should not be traded due to their scarcity. These particular beetles are also required for upgrading the Armor of the Wild. It is crucial to pay close attention to Beedle's statements to avoid inadvertently trading an Energetic Rhino Beetle for an elixir.

Where to Use Tireless Frogs

The Secret Guide to Farming Tireless Frogs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tireless Frogs are not required for enhancing armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom. However, they can be used along with monster parts to craft Enduring Elixirs. Unlike Stamina Elixirs, Enduring Elixirs not only restore stamina but also extend the stamina wheel. Temporary Stamina Wheels, similar to Temporary Hearts, cannot be replenished with food or elixirs. Once they vanish, they are permanently gone. The sole means of restoring them is by consuming another Enduring Elixir.

One method to acquire a quarter portion of a Temporary Stamina Wheel is through the following recipe:

x1 Tireless Frog

x1 Bokoblin Horn

Do not cook a Tireless Frog with an Endura Carrot or any other food item, as critters and food cannot be combined. In doing so, Link will mistakenly prepare Dubious Food, which lacks any special effects. Nintendo Switch users can now enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.