Solo Leveling episode 9 air date and streaming details

Solo Leveling episode 9 air date and streaming details

Catch Solo Leveling episode 9 airing at 12 am JST on Sunday, March 10, 2024, on Tokyo MX and various other channels in Japan for an exciting viewing experience.

Solo Leveling episode 9 is set to air at 12 am JST on Sunday, March 10, 2024, in Japan on Tokyo MX and other channels. Fans can catch the episode on Crunchyroll and other international platforms starting at 7 am PT on Saturday, March 10.

The previous episode, Episode 8, introduced several new scenes unique to the anime, which added more depth to the story. Viewers got a glimpse of Cha Hae-In's training and her offer to join Yoojin Construction's Guild, as well as a conversation between S-ranks Baek Yoonho and Choi Jong-in. Even though the last episode only covered one chapter, it set the stage for Sung Jin-Woo and his old group to embark on another raid together.

When is Solo Leveling episode 9 coming out?

Solo Leveling episode 9 is set to be released on Sunday according to the episode release schedule. As of now, there have been no delays in the release schedule. Fans can catch episode 9 airing in Japan at 12 am JST on Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Solo Leveling episode 9 release date and time, for the English-subtitled version available for streaming internationally, vary depending on fans' time zones.

Time ZoneRelease DayRelease DateRelease Time
Pacific Standard TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202407:00 am
Central Standard TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202409:00 am
Eastern Standard TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202410:00 am
Greenwich Mean TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202403:00 pm
Central European TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202404:00 pm
Indian Standard TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202408:30 pm
Philippine TimeSaturdayMarch 9, 202411:00 pm
Australia Central Standard Time SundayMarch 10, 202402:00 am

Where to find Solo Leveling episode 9?

Solo Leveling episode 9 can be watched on Japanese television channels like Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, CBC, and YTV. For viewers in North America and Europe, Crunchyroll will stream the episode approximately one hour after it airs in Japan.

Recap of Solo Leveling Episode 8

In India, fans can keep up with the latest episodes of Solo Leveling on Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, Medialink has secured the rights to air the show in China. Remember, access to each streaming platform typically requires a membership.

Sung Jin-Woo as seen in Solo Leveling (Image via A-1 Pictures) - Solo Leveling episode 8 recap

Sung Jin-Woo as seen in Solo Leveling (Image via A-1 Pictures) - Solo Leveling episode 8 recap

Sung Jin-Woo as seen in Solo Leveling (Image via A-1 Pictures)

Solo Leveling episode 8 picks up right after episode 7, featuring mostly anime-exclusive scenes. The episode starts with Jin-Woo by his mother's side, looking at the System's notification about the Elixir of Life's formula. This item can cure all diseases and becomes a new goal for Jin-Woo to level up and gather ingredients from the Demon Castle.

Moving on, Jin-Woo agrees to Yoo Jinho's proposal to complete 19 raids. However, he suggests they tackle the raids with just the two of them and hire other Hunters only to meet the quota. This strategy reduces the risk for other Hunters and aims to impress Jinho's father by clearing Dungeons with a 100% survival rate.

A scene was included showing Cha Hae-In training. After finishing a lap around a track, she was approached by a Yoojin Construction scout. They thought she could be a great Guild Master for the new Guild. Next, there was a short scene with Jinho and his father discussing the significance of their company and other Guilds as businesses.

Twitter article posted by Império Solo Leveling

What added excitement to the situation was a conversation between S-ranks Baek Yoonho and Choi Jong-in. It all started with a bit of arguing over an interview, but then Choi Jong-in brought up Yoojin Construction's Guild to Baek.

But the main point of contention was actually Jeju Island. Choi Jong-In was dissatisfied with the current state of affairs on the island and was determined to resolve it quickly. That's why he reached out to Baek for help and would soon be seeking assistance from other S-ranks as well.

In the midst of these events, the focus shifted to Kim Sangshik and Lee Joohee. Kim had to join raids to ensure his daughters' education was secure, while Joohee desired freedom and had moved past the Cartenon Temple to embark on a new raid. Additionally, there was a curious moment where a man appeared to be pleading for someone to eliminate a specific individual.

The episode concluded with Song Chi-Yul and Jin-Woo meeting up with their former team members at a low-ranking gate. Lee Joohee, Kim Sangshik, and another Hunter welcomed them, along with Surveillance Team member Kang Taeshik and three convicts serving as prisoner substitute Hunters for the upcoming raid.

What to expect from Solo Leveling episode 9?

Twitter article posted by Solo Leveling Shots

Solo Leveling episode 9 is just around the corner and will showcase another one of Jin-Woo's raids that will go awry. The previous episode, episode 8, only covered chapter 28 of the Manhwa. Fans are curious about why A-1 Pictures has chosen to adapt such a challenging Manhwa into an anime.

Despite this, episode 9 will primarily focus on the events of the raid. The group will come across lower-ranking beasts in the Dungeon as they make their way to the boss' lair. However, things will take a turn for the worse at this point. It remains to be seen how much of this particular segment the studio will animate.

Based on the events that have taken place, Solo Leveling episode 9 is expected to adapt chapter 29 and a portion of chapter 30, marking a significant turning point in the story.

Solo Leveling episode 9 is scheduled to premiere at 12 am JST on Sunday, March 10, 2024. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

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