Principles of Marketing - Buy/Free Download (PDF)

Principles of Marketing - Buy/Free Download (PDF)

Own the world's most famous textbook on basic marketing theory, compiled by the father of modern marketing: Philip Kotler

Principles of Marketing

Language: English (English)

Book title translated into Vietnamese: Marketing Principles

Author: Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong

Latest Edition: 17th Edition (2017)


The book provides the most basic knowledge of the world of Marketing, helping readers who have never known Marketing to understand step-by-step the concepts in Marketing, segments, tasks, content and operational processes. Actions in Marketing, rules and steps to build strategies, campaigns and plans in Marketing correctly and effectively.

In addition to the theories, there are many examples and examples in the marketing world that are integrated to help readers understand all aspects of the theory that the book provides.

Principles of Marketing is a title that is considered capable of helping to shape the world of Marketing, helping students learn the right basics of Marketing, and teachers having a standard yardstick to compile. the curriculum, businesses have the right direction and choice in marketing activities. With elaborate compilation and more than 18 editions with new updates on best examples from the Marketing world, adjustments in the language of presentation to suit the constantly changing trends of the world. In the world, Principles of Marketing remains the top priority textbook for those just starting to study Marketing.


  • Principles of Marketing is a book for those who are just starting to learn about Marketing, as long as you have the ability to read and understand in English, you can use this book.
  • University lecturers - Principles of Marketing is a valuable support for lecturers to compile documents, syllabi, lesson plans and teaching content.
  • Business enthusiasts, start-ups, business owners, businesses - Principles of Marketing help you identify the right target customers, improve the competitiveness of products/services in the market, as well as help you take the right steps in building a strong brand later.
  • Those who have been working in the Marketing industry: Update knowledge, changes in the world of Marketing.

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Principles of Marketing 17th Edition

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Principles of Marketing 15th Edition

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