Candace Cameron Bure Reacts to Drake Bell's 'Quiet on Set' Story: A Disturbing Revelation

Candace Cameron Bure Reacts to Drake Bell's 'Quiet on Set' Story: A Disturbing Revelation

During a segment on 'The View,' Candace Cameron Bure praised Drake Bell's courage in recounting his unsettling 'Quiet on Set' experience, labeling it as 'horrific' and shedding light on the challenges faced in the entertainment industry.

Candace Cameron Bure Disturbed by Drake Bell s Quiet on Set Story

Candace Cameron Bure Disturbed by Drake Bell s Quiet on Set Story

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Former Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure showed her support for former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell. Bell recently shared his experience of being a victim of sexual abuse in the docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.

During an appearance on The View on Friday, April 12, Bure, who is 48 years old, mentioned that she watched the first few episodes of Quiet on Set. She expressed that the episodes "broke my heart."

"It's really sad and awful," she expressed.

"I felt so sorry for his parents, always trying to shield him and not noticing the warning signs," she continued. "The entertainment world can be strange for kids. I personally didn't go through that, and neither did the other girls from our show, but many others have."

Bure, known for her role as DJ Tanner on Full House, was part of the cast that included John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She starred in the show for eight seasons from 1987 to 1995.

Bell, aged 37, gained popularity through Nickelodeon, first appearing on The Amanda Show (1999-2002) and later on Drake and Josh (2004-2007). He recently opened up about experiencing sexual abuse from his voice coach Brian Peck in a five-episode docuseries available on Max and Disney+.

Peck was found guilty of child molestation in 2004. However, Bell's identity remained confidential until he chose to come forward.

Bell bravely shared the horrific abuse he endured before Peck was finally apprehended. He described the abuse as "extensive" and "brutal".

In the series, he expressed his struggles with elaborating on camera. He equated the severity of the situation to the worst acts of sexual assault, emphasizing that it was not a one-time occurrence.

Nickelodeon released a statement to We, expressing their support for Bell. They acknowledged the trauma he has faced and commended his bravery in coming forward about the 2004 case.

Bure hopes that by sharing his story, Bell can help prevent another actor from experiencing something similar.

“I believe it was a positive step,” Bure commented on Bell’s choice. “It raises awareness so we can safeguard the next generation from facing the same situation.”

Bure's comments follow those of another '90s child sitcom star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who recently showed support for those who spoke out in Quiet on Set.

Gosselaar, known for his role as Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell from 1989 to 1993, expressed his sympathy in an interview with Page Six on Tuesday, April 9. He mentioned feeling sorry for those who had a difficult experience, stating that he couldn't relate as their set was very different from his own. Gosselaar added that he and his castmates were fortunate to have had a positive working environment.

Editor's P/S:

The recent revelations from Drake Bell and the release of the docuseries "Quiet on Set" have brought to light the disturbing reality of sexual abuse within the entertainment industry, particularly among young actors. Candace Cameron Bure's support for Bell highlights the importance of breaking the silence and raising awareness about this issue.

It is heartbreaking to hear of the abuse that Bell and others have endured. Their courage in speaking out is a testament to their strength and resilience. It is also a reminder that the entertainment industry, despite its glamour and allure, can be a dangerous place for children. As Bure rightly points out, safeguarding the next generation from similar experiences is crucial. The industry must do more to protect young actors and create a safe environment where they can thrive without fear of exploitation.