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All posts - Tag: Windows 11

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Microsoft Integrates USB 4 Version 2.0 in Windows 11: Enhancing Display and Storage Capabilities for Gamers and Users

Microsoft's latest update for Windows 11 brings USB 4 Version 2.0 support, doubling the bandwidth and enhancing display and storage capabilities. This article explores the impact of this integration o...

How to Copy, Cut, and Paste on Windows 10 and Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Master essential PC skills with this guide on how to copy, cut, and paste on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Learn how the clipboard works, differentiate copy and cut functions, and utilize keyboard shortcu...

Windows 11 Removes Tips App from its Operating System

Windows 11 streamlines user experience by removing the Tips App, recognizing your familiarity with the intuitive interface

Simple Methods to Modify the Administrator Username in Windows 11

Easily modify the Windows administrator name in Windows 11 with these 4 methods: using the Settings App, Control Panel, Netplwiz Command, or Command Prompt

Easy Steps to Turn Off the Touchpad in Windows 11

Prevent unwanted cursor movement on your Windows 11 device by disabling the touchpad Easily turn it off using various methods or automatically disable it when connecting an external mouse Learn how to...

6 Effective Solutions to Fix Taskbar Icons Not Appearing on Windows 11

Resolve the issue of missing taskbar icons on Windows 11 effortlessly with these 6 effective fixes Get your icons back with simple steps and enjoy a seamless user experience

How to Customize Your Desktop Background in Windows 11

Enhance your Windows 11 experience with our guide on changing the desktop background Discover various options to personalize your desktop and bring it to life Get creative and add a touch of personali...

Two Apps You Can No Longer Install on Windows 11

Prepare for a streamlined Windows 11 experience as Microsoft bids farewell to two apps, excluding them from fresh installations

Uncluttering Your Taskbar Icons in Windows 11

Customize your Windows 11 taskbar effortlessly with this easy trick Ungroup taskbar icons to give every app its own icon, enhancing organization and productivity

Enhanced Windows Ink Update Revolutionizes Writing Experience Over Typing

Windows 11's enhanced Ink Update revolutionizes writing on your device, offering an iPad-like experience with expanded writing capabilities across various locations