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The View's Alyssa Farah Griffin Shares Her Journey as a Domestic Abuse Survivor

In a poignant moment on 'The View' discussing Diddy, Alyssa Farah Griffin bravely shares her personal story of overcoming domestic violence on Monday, May 20th.

Why Whoopi Goldberg Found the Travis Kelce Segment 'Unimportant' on 'The View'

Discover why Whoopi Goldberg expressed boredom during a recent segment about Travis Kelce on 'The View,' stating that the discussion may not hold significance in the grand scheme of things.

The View's Co-Hosts and Al Roker React to Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist's Divorce

Join 'The View' co-hosts and Al Roker as they discuss the recent divorce announcement of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, also known as the 'Golden Bachelor' couple. Get insights and reactions from the...

Comedian Michelle Collins Shares Her Struggles After a Season as a Cohost on 'The View'

Comedian Michelle Collins candidly discusses the challenges she faced during her time as a cohost on 'The View,' revealing the lasting impact it had on her mental health with symptoms of 'PTSD'

Emergency Evacuation at 'The View' Studio Just Before Live Show

'The View' hosts had to evacuate the studio moments before going live due to an unexpected fire in the neighboring studio of Tamron Hall. The rush to safety added a dramatic twist to their pre-show pr...

Should Ariana Grande Address Nickelodeon Allegations? 'The View' Co-hosts Discuss

Amidst the controversy surrounding Nickelodeon, 'The View' co-hosts engage in a discussion on whether pop sensation Ariana Grande should address the allegations linked to the network

Whoopi Goldberg Rebukes ‘View’ Cohosts Over Kate Middleton Conspiracy Theories

Amid swirling rumors regarding Kate Middleton, Whoopi Goldberg takes a firm stand against her fellow ‘View’ hosts for endorsing conspiracy theories surrounding the royal figure.

Why Whoopi Goldberg Stands by Kate Middleton's Mother's Day Photo Edit

Discover the thoughts of Whoopi Goldberg and 'The View' hosts on Kate Middleton's edited Mother's Day family photo amidst the ongoing controversy.

Whoopi Goldberg's Playful Confession on 'The View': Jail Time or Just a Joke?

Whoopi Goldberg playfully hints on 'The View' about her solo adventure on the Appalachian Trail and a humorous claim of spending time in jail, only to later clarify it as a jest, saying 'I'm a humoris...

Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Relationship with Man 4 Decades Her Senior

Whoopi Goldberg candidly shared on ‘The View’ about her past romantic involvement with a partner who was 40 years older than her, shedding light on her unconventional dating experiences.