Why Whoopi Goldberg Found the Travis Kelce Segment 'Unimportant' on 'The View'

Why Whoopi Goldberg Found the Travis Kelce Segment 'Unimportant' on 'The View'

Discover why Whoopi Goldberg expressed boredom during a recent segment about Travis Kelce on 'The View,' stating that the discussion may not hold significance in the grand scheme of things.

Whoopi Goldberg Got Bored During Segment About Travis Kelce None of This Is Important

Whoopi Goldberg Got Bored During Segment About Travis Kelce None of This Is Important

Whoopi Goldberg, Travis Kelce Jamie McCarthy;David Eulitt/Getty Images(2)

During a lively chat on The View about Travis Kelce, Whoopi Goldberg emphasized the importance of focusing on other matters.

The panel on the April 16 episode of the talk show talked about how Kelce, 34, caused a stir by "liking" an Instagram post by reporter Sage Steele. The post showed Steele, 51, shaking hands with Donald Trump at a UFC event.

Goldberg, 68, watched her cohosts express their opinions passionately. Sara Haines playfully pointed out, “She’s bored.”

Goldberg agreed, saying, “I am. It’s possible that none of this really matters.”

The studio audience clapped loudly in support, giving Goldberg more confidence to make her point.

She went on to say, "They probably thought, 'Why is everyone so worked up?' You have bills to pay! Why are you so focused on what he's doing? He's not the one paying your bills, and he doesn't care about your opinion! How about that?"

Despite Goldberg's lack of interest, the other members of The View panel were excited to discuss Kelce's social media controversy.

Former Trump White House aide Alyssa Farah Griffin made efforts to calm down the former president's supporters regarding a possible Kelce endorsement.

Farah Griffin, 34, shared, "They really want to find celebrities who are with them. I hate to break the news to them. He’s advocated for stricter gun control, he was literally the face of the COVID vaccine telling people to get the vaccine. A good thing, by the way. He kneeled during the national anthem. I don’t think you sniffed him out as a secret Trump supporter."

On the other hand, Sunny Hostin attributed the entire situation to one big mistake.

Hostin, who is 55 years old, shared her theory, "I believe this was just an accidental 'like.' We've all been up late at night scrolling through social media. Personally, I have a habit of buying things I see on Instagram late at night. So, I think he may have been scrolling as well."

The post that caused the stir was posted by Steele recently and showed the ex-ESPN anchor talking about the wonderful friends she met at the event.

Hostin continued, mentioning that Sage Steele was a significant sports reporter on ESPN. It was likely that they crossed paths through their work at ESPN. Kelce was apparently impressed by Sage and remarked, "Oh, look at Sage!"

The View panel pointed out that the backlash towards Kelce highlights a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Haines, 46, expressed her frustration with the trend of "cancel by association." She believes that being judged for having a picture with someone who said something controversial is unfair and does not reflect true humanity or the values instilled by parents or church teachings. She views the current time as chaotic and confusing.

Farah Griffin added to the conversation by emphasizing that it is possible to maintain friendships with individuals whose political views may differ from your own.

Haines expressed, "Oh, God, please! Just imagine the amount of disagreement in the world. It would be both boring and impossible to try and categorize every person based on rigid beliefs."

Editor's P/S:

The article highlights the controversy surrounding Travis Kelce's "like" on Sage Steele's Instagram post, which featured her shaking hands with Donald Trump. While the panel on The View expressed strong opinions, Whoopi Goldberg emphasized the futility of focusing on such matters, urging viewers to prioritize their own lives and concerns. The discussion also shed light on the dangers of "cancel by association" and the importance of maintaining friendships despite political differences.

Goldberg's perspective resonated with the audience, as it highlighted the need to focus on pressing issues that directly impact people's lives, such as paying bills and accessing healthcare. The article serves as a reminder that while it is important to be aware of current events, it is equally crucial to maintain a balanced perspective and not get overly consumed by controversies that may not have a significant impact on our daily lives.