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Understanding tatical marketing: Tatical Marketing vs Strategic Marketing

In this blog article, we will explore the difference between tactical marketing and strategic marketing. One is designed for short-term gains and the other is designed for long-term success.

What is Content Marketing? Implementing Content Marketing campaign

What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing trends in recent years. A step-by-step guide to implementing a complete Content Marketing strategy.

Steps to build brand equity in Marketing

The process of building a brand's asset value from an early stage to a strong development stage

Price adjustment strategy in Marketing

What strategies should businesses have to adjust prices when the market fluctuates? What is the content of implementing those strategies?

Consumer Behavior - Building Marketing Strategy (PDF) Buy/Free Download

Consumer Behavior - Building Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Author: Del I. Hawkins & David L. Mothersbaugh - This textbook focuses on a specific topic in Marketing: Consumer Behavior.

Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Ferrel & Hartline - Buy/Free download

Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Author: O.C. Ferral, Michael D. Hartline - The textbook focuses on discussing issues related to marketing strategy.

Highlights of Electrolux's Business - Marketing strategy

Join to refer to the outstanding features inside the business strategy - Marketing of AB Electrolux.

What are brand attributes? Important attributes that a brand should have

It is important for students to understand the different attributes of brands. This blog post provides the definition of Brand Attributes as well as some insight into why they're important for busines...

What is brand extension? Types of brand extension - Advantages & Disadvantages

In today's society, many companies have been extending their brands to other products or services. It provides a way to maximize marketing dollars by leveraging what you already have in place for your...

What is a market challenger? Strategies to challenge a market

Competition is the nature in modern markets. Once a company enter a new market, there will be many ones who follow. Once a company become the market leader, there would be others as the market challen...