Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Ferrel & Hartline - Buy/Free download

Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Ferrel & Hartline - Buy/Free download

Marketing Strategy (PDF) - Author: O.C. Ferral, Michael D. Hartline - The textbook focuses on discussing issues related to marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy 7th edition PDF

Marketing Strategy

Language: English (English)

Latest Edition: 7th

Book title translated into Vietnamese: Marketing Strategy

Author: O.C. Ferral, Michael D. Hartline


As the name implies, Marketing Strategy is a textbook that only focuses on discussing Marketing strategy. Specifically, Marketing Strategy guides readers in a detailed, specific and step-by-step manner so that they can build a marketing strategy in line with market trends and the current business situation. The highlight of this textbook is in part 5 with 20 practical case studies to help readers better understand the relationship between reality and previously presented knowledge.

Part 1: Prepare for Marketing Strategy

Chapter 1:  Marketing in today's market economy

Chapter 2: Making a strategic marketing plan

Chapter 3: Ethics and social responsibility in strategic marketing planning

Part 2: Discover opportunities in the market

Chapter 4: Collecting and Analyzing Marketing Data

Chapter 5: Developing competitive advantage and strategic focus

Part 3: Developing a Marketing Strategy

Chapter 6: Customers, Segments, and Target Markets

Chapter 7: Product Strategy

Chapter 8: Pricing Strategy

Chapter 9: Distribution management and distribution chain

Chapter 10: Marketing Communication

Part 4: Deploy the strategy

Chapter 11: Deploying and controlling Marketing activities

Chapter 12: Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers

Part 5: Case studies

Case 1: Gillet: Innovation in Product and Marketing

Case 2: Monsanto keeps a balance between the needs and concerns of its shareholders

Case 3: NASCAR: A Brand's Success Story


Case 20: Best Buy Company - Dual Brand Strategy in China


  • Business owners, managers, marketing people in businesses, stores, business establishments.
  • Students, students, trainees, lecturers in Marketing, business administration, international business at universities, colleges, intermediate schools, academies, educational centers.

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Marketing Strategy 7th edition PDF

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Edition: 7th

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Marketing Strategy 5th edition PDF

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Edition: 5th