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Gerry Turner Navigates Unknown Territory in His 'Golden Bachelor' Hometown Dates

Gerry Turner embarks on his 'Golden Bachelor' hometown dates, delving into uncharted waters Discover his aspirations and desires for these pivotal encounters in this exclusive Us Weekly sneak peek

Week 5 Highlight: Gerry's Heartwarming Gesture to Leslie on 'Golden Bachelor'

Leslie finds solace in Gerry's compassionate embrace on 'The Golden Bachelor' Episode 5, leading to a heartfelt and emotional moment

Unforgettable Surprise Stuns Viewers: Susan's Epic Moment on 'Golden Bachelor' Episode 4!

Gerry Turner surprised Susan Noles with an intimate one-on-one moment in the latest episode of 'The Golden Bachelor' A highlight of the week, this special encounter left viewers captivated

The Heartwarming Remembrances of 'The Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner on His Beloved Late Wife Toni

'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner's touching tribute to his late wife Toni, their enduring 43-year marriage, and his emotional journey towards healing and new beginnings after her passing in 201...

The Shocking Twist That Sent Joan Packing: Unveiling the Jaw-Dropping Moment of the Week on ‘Golden Bachelor’ Episode 3

Gerry Turner bids a heartfelt farewell to Joan Vassos in a touching moment on episode 3 of 'The Golden Bachelor', leaving viewers teary-eyed

Jesse Palmer's Heroic Act: The Incredible Moment 'Golden Bachelor' Host Saves a Colleague's Life

Jesse Palmer, host of 'Golden Bachelor', shares gripping tales of his heroic act, childhood adventures, and intriguing revelations in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly's '25 Things You Don't Know...

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Opens Up About Finding 'Eternal Happiness' with His Second True Love

Gerry Turner, the charismatic 'Golden Bachelor', reflects on his profound love for his late wife, Toni, during the captivating season premiere of 'The Golden Bachelor' on September 28th Prepare to be...

Secretive Twist Unveiled: Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Promises Mind-Blowing Fantasy Suites Unlike Any Other Season!

Gerry Turner, the 'Golden Bachelor', promises an exhilarating twist to the fantasy suites, ensuring an unconventional experience unlike any other season before

The Bachelor's Hottest Secret: Gerry Turner Unveils His Exclusive Age Range for Contestants!

The charismatic 'Golden Bachelor' star, Gerry Turner, strategically conveyed the ideal age range to casting directors, aiming to find the perfect contestants for his show Discover the intriguing detai...