Secretive Twist Unveiled: Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Promises Mind-Blowing Fantasy Suites Unlike Any Other Season!

Secretive Twist Unveiled: Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Promises Mind-Blowing Fantasy Suites Unlike Any Other Season!

Gerry Turner, the 'Golden Bachelor', promises an exhilarating twist to the fantasy suites, ensuring an unconventional experience unlike any other season before

Gerry Turner, the first-ever Golden Bachelor, is prepared to embark on the reality TV journey, with one notable exception. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, published on Saturday, August 12, the 72-year-old expressed his belief that a Fantasy Suite experience would likely be different for someone his age compared to those in their 20s and 30s.

Gerry, who spoke to ET before his first night of filming, expressed that he is not apprehensive about the overnight dates, but his family is more cautious. Referring to his daughters Angie and Jenny, and granddaughters Charlee and Payton, he jokingly mentioned that they are much more nervous than he is.

In typical seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the lead typically invites their three finalists on individual overnight dates to delve deeper into their connections away from cameras. While the activities that take place in the fantasy suites are not explicitly disclosed, several former show stars have revealed that the evening can involve intimacy or meaningful conversations.

Gerry's children, whom he had with his deceased wife Toni Turner, are opposed to watching him engage romantically with his contestants on the show.

"They explicitly told me not to do it," he humorously mentioned to ET, confessing that he has been disregarding that piece of advice. Gerry further stated, "They advised me to choose my moments wisely and make the most of every minute. They are avid fans of the show and actually encouraged me to respond promptly to the casting call."

The Golden Bachelor, a senior rendition of the popular ABC dating show, received approval in May. Just two months after that, it was revealed that Gerry would be the initial star to distribute the coveted golden roses.

Numerous avid members of Bachelor Nation have expressed their fervent anticipation to delve into the Indiana-born bachelor's journey. They shared exclusive insights with us, explaining their eagerness to tune in.

“I make it a point to watch any Bachelor show, I truly appreciate them. They definitely have my undivided attention,” expressed Andrew Spencer exclusively during a July episode of Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “I can honestly say that watching my mom engage romantically with someone would be worse than pouring bleach in my eyes.”

Secretive Twist Unveiled: Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Promises Mind-Blowing Fantasy Suites Unlike Any Other Season!

'The Golden Bachelor' features an ensemble cast including Jenny Young, Angie Warner, Payton Young, Gerry Turner, and Charlee Young, who star in the show. Another member of Bachelor Nation, Patty James, who happens to be Matt James' mother, also has her sights set on Gerry. Rumors have been circulating about Patty joining Gerry's season, but Matt's girlfriend from his season of The Bachelor, Rachael Kirkconnell, revealed last month that they aren't sure if Patty is a part of the show or not. Rachael expressed her excitement to see what unfolds and supports Patty finding love, whether it happens on television or in real life.

The cast for the first season of The Golden Bachelor has not yet been disclosed. However, Gerry mentioned in an interview with Variety that he is open to the producers having flexibility in terms of the age range, which could be between 60 to 70.

Filming for The Golden Bachelor is currently in progress, and it is scheduled to air on ABC in the upcoming fall season.