The Nun 2 Director Unveils Expansive Valak's Conjuring Universe: Unlocking the Infinite Realm of Demons

The Nun 2 Director Unveils Expansive Valak's Conjuring Universe: Unlocking the Infinite Realm of Demons

The Nun 2 director hints at an exciting future for Valak and the Conjuring Universe, suggesting that the realm of demons knows no bounds Get ready for another thrilling adventure as The Nun II hits theaters on September 8


"The Nun II" director Michael Chaves hints at the future of Valak, the demonic villain in The Conjuring Universe.

Valak's saga carries on in "The Nun II," a 1950s-set film that unravels the events bridging the gap between the initial movie and Valak's exorcism in the late 1960s. Given Valak's resilience in previous installments, it becomes apparent that conquering demons is an arduous feat, thereby paving the way for their potential reappearances in upcoming films such as "The Conjuring: Last Rites" or other spinoffs.

The director of The Nun II has hinted at what's to come for the demonic villain Valak. Valak, who appears as a nun (played by Bonnie Aarons), is a significant antagonist in The Conjuring Universe. In the original film, Valak tormented Sister Irene, Father Burke, and their guide Frenchie at a secluded convent. Now, Valak, Frenchie, and Sister Irene are set to make a comeback in The Nun II, scheduled to premiere on September 8.

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, Michael Chaves, the director of the upcoming sequel, discussed the timeline of the Conjuring Universe. He mentioned that in the larger universe, Frenchie was exorcised by Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1960s, which is later in time compared to The Nun II's late-50s setting. Chaves hinted that there are still more stories to be told about Valak the demon nun and quoted a line from the film stating "demons are infinite." Read his full statement below.

How Could Valak Show Up Again in The Conjuring Universe?


"The line in the movie states, 'Demons are infinite.' I appreciate the concept that she has existed in various forms through the ages. I believe there are still untold stories about Valak, the demon nun. While I don't want to spoil anything, this film follows the timeline of events. Those who watched the first Conjuring are aware that Maurice is possessed and later exorcised by the Warrens, which takes place in the late '60s. However, this particular story is set in the '50s, so we have a considerable time gap before that. The events unfolding in between serve to further develop that story. Alongside some noteworthy surprises, the narrative also includes intriguing references that add depth to the overall plot."

The Nun 2 Director Unveils Expansive Valak's Conjuring Universe: Unlocking the Infinite Realm of Demons

Valak's survival after the events depicted in The Nun has already been established. The demon's initial appearance as a nun took place in The Conjuring 2, released in 2016, which served as the foundation for the expanded universe's new direction. However, this particular film is set in 1975, a substantial period after the events portrayed in both The Nun and its subsequent installment.

Valak seemed to be defeated in The Conjuring 2 when Lorraine banished it using its true name. However, the demon also appeared to be vanquished in The Nun. The potential ending of The Nun II suggests that Chaves believes demons, especially those that play a central role in a long-running horror franchise, are eternal.

It is uncertain where Valak could make an appearance in the Conjuring movies beyond The Nun II and any direct sequels to that film. Nonetheless, there is a fourth Conjuring movie called The Conjuring: Last Rites in development, which might provide an opportunity for the demonic nun to reemerge. Alternatively, Valak could be reserved for a future spinoff resembling 2019's Annabelle Comes Home, where various supernatural villains coexist.

Source: SFX Magazine