Rachel Bilson fires back at Whoopi Goldberg's scathing criticism on The View

Rachel Bilson fires back at Whoopi Goldberg's scathing criticism on The View

Rachel Bilson fires back at Whoopi Goldberg's condemnation of her stance on judging the sexual past of potential partners Her response comes following the controversial remarks made on The View

Rachel Bilson has responded to criticism from Whoopi Goldberg regarding her opinions on the sexual past of potential partners. The actress, known for her role in "The O.C.," became aware of Goldberg's comments on a recent episode of "The View." The show featured a segment from Bilson's podcast, "Broad Ideas," in which she expressed that she would find it "slightly peculiar" if a man in his forties had limited sexual experience.

"I'm confused. If he's content with you and you're enjoying yourselves, why are you complaining?" Goldberg questioned during the talk show.

"It's not your concern. It's none of your business," Bilson responded during a conversation with Entertainment Weekly. "I must mention that I've been a longtime admirer of Whoopi, so when I came across the headline stating that she criticized something I said, it naturally worried me."

She added, "At our platform, we provide a secure and inclusive environment for discussing various topics, and at that moment, we were engaged in a conversation. I possess the ability to edit our podcast, yet I decided to retain the entire dialogue because often in life, you may express something and later take a moment to contemplate on it."

Later on the same podcast, Bilson expressed that it is unjust to criticize someone's personal life.

"The message I want to convey is that it is irrelevant, and perhaps in the past, I may have viewed it judgmentally, but I no longer do so," she expressed. "I expressly stated that I do not wish to come across as judgmental. The crucial aspect was for that message to be understood, rather than focusing on my initial words."

She concluded by stating, "It was a casual remark made during a conversation with friends, and upon reflection, I realized that I do not genuinely hold that belief. That is why I believe it is essential to speak up and provide clarification."