Pokimane's game-changing streaming advice for Mizkif

Pokimane's game-changing streaming advice for Mizkif

Mizkif opens up about the valuable advice he received from Pokimane, a fellow Twitch streamer Having faced several controversies, Mizkif shares how the advice helped him tackle stress and improve his streaming career

Twitch streamer Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo recently shared the valuable streaming advice he received from his friend and fellow streamer, Pokimane. Mizkif's streaming career has been plagued with several controversies, which have understandably caused him a great deal of stress.

One such incident occurred last year when Mizkif faced backlash after Adrianah Lee accused him of downplaying the severity of her sexual assault at the hands of another streamer. Although he apologized for his actions, his content group One True King (OTK) suspended him from his duties for a few months. However, after an investigation revealed that he had not attempted to cover up the incident, he was eventually reinstated in the group.

Now that Mizkif has returned to regularly streaming on Twitch, he has opened up about the stress he experiences as a content creator. In a recent Q&A YouTube video titled "Let's Talk," he discussed the pressure of entertaining thousands of people and dealing with negative comments. Despite these challenges, Pokimane offered Mizkif advice on building a strong shield against negativity, which he's taken to heart as he continues to grow his personal career and OTK.

Mizkif has also expressed interest in exploring opportunities beyond streaming, such as starting a podcast and working with other content creators in Los Angeles. In the YouTube comments, viewers have shown their support and excitement for his future plans, offering suggestions for podcast topics and formats. Some have also empathized with Mizkif, acknowledging that many creators experience burnout due to the pressures of streaming.

Mizkif is not alone in his desire to pursue projects beyond streaming. Pokimane, who recently graduated from content group OfflineTV, has been actively working on endorsements and other projects outside of streaming. Similarly, Ludwig Ahgren has hinted at his upcoming retirement from streaming and his plans to work behind the camera and open his own bakery.

Streaming on Twitch can be a challenging profession, as streamers often face insults and troll comments in their chat. In addition, some have even experienced dangerous situations such as getting swatted or stalked in their own homes. Unfortunately, these incidents can sometimes play out live on their channels. Given the toll this type of career can take, it's understandable why streamers like Mizkif may eventually want to step away from it.