One Piece Chapter 1090: Jaw-Dropping Surprises Await!

One Piece Chapter 1090: Jaw-Dropping Surprises Await!

Get ready for an epic One Piece 1090! As the siege on Egghead Island intensifies, brace yourself for a thrilling chapter filled with a captivating flashback, intense war preparations, a surprising Navy maneuver, and an epic confrontation that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


A potential storyline in One Piece chapter 1090 revolves around a flashback shedding light on the events that transpired on Egghead Island during the time jump. It holds the possibility of unveiling the strategies and actions undertaken by the Straw Hat Pirates in order to establish their authority and prevail over the circumstances.

The Straw Hat Pirates are making arrangements to flee from Egghead Island and evade a potentially devastating war. However, their strategy may not unfold as anticipated, leading to an unexpected development that has the potential to greatly impact the world of One Piece.

In the upcoming One Piece chapter 1090, the Navy is anticipated to take action, intensifying the excitement among fans as they anticipate an imminent confrontation between the Navy and the Straw Hat Pirates. This long-awaited invasion of Egghead Island will serve as the battleground where the formidable Navy forces clash with the resolute Straw Hat crew.

With the commencement of the Siege of Egghead Island, fans are anxiously awaiting One Piece chapter 1090 for the long-awaited initiation of the Egghead Incident. Chapter 1089 played a crucial role in setting the stage for future events, as fans witnessed the global reaction to the news of both Luffy and Garp. Furthermore, the aftermath of the Motherflame's utilization was unveiled. The Navy's siege of Egghead Island also received significant attention in the chapter, culminating in Luffy and his group successfully regaining control and making their triumphant return. Fans are eagerly anticipating the continuation of Egghead Island in One Piece chapter 1090, eagerly desiring a glimpse into the essence of the Egghead Incident.

The Flashback

One Piece Chapter 1090: Jaw-Dropping Surprises Await!

One Piece chapter 1090 has the potential to provide fans with a comprehensive flashback. This particular flashback could delve into the events that occurred during the brief time jump on Egghead Island. In the previous chapters, the Straw Hat Pirates were seen engaged in various tasks. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji were battling the Seraphims while Franky and Usopp found themselves immobilized. Nami accompanied Sanji while Jinbe remained relatively unharmed. Robin and Chopper were closest to York, trying to understand the situation. Regrettably, fans were not privy to the subsequent events on the island. There is a strong possibility that One Piece chapter 1090 will revisit the past, revealing how the Straw Hat Pirates managed to gain control of the situation. Considering Robin's proximity to the laboratory housing Vegapunk, it is plausible that she played a role in subduing York and quelling the fight amongst the Seraphims.

The Preparation For War

Turning the tides of the battle in favor of the Straw Hat Pirates and greatly assisting Vegapunk, this would immediately alter the course of events. Following this, Stella would regain control over all the Seraphims and, more significantly, gain authority over the frontier dome. Consequently, all the Straw Hats would cease fighting, and S-Snake would reverse the petrification of Usopp and Franky. This precise scenario could have been controlled if someone other than Robin had intervened to halt York. It is worth noting that Robin was the sole Straw Hat absent in the previous chapter, which might be connected to her involvement in stopping York.

One Piece Chapter 1090: Jaw-Dropping Surprises Await!

If chapter 1090 of One Piece includes a flashback, it won't consume the entire chapter. Fans can expect to witness the ongoing events on Egghead Island, specifically from the perspective of the Straw Hat Pirates. Currently, the Straw Hats are strategizing their escape from Egghead Island while safeguarding Dr. Vegapunk. Their objective is to prevent a large-scale war, and they plan to utilize York as a shield to facilitate their getaway. However, unpredictable circumstances are likely to arise, deviating from their intended plan. Considering the prior suggestion of the Egghead Incident being of immense importance within the world of One Piece, a war is imminent. The aftermath of this conflict will undoubtedly send shockwaves throughout the globe, shattering its very foundations.

The Navy Make Their Move

In order for all of this to occur, a conflict must arise, and the groundwork for that will be established in One Piece chapter 1090. It is highly probable that fans will witness the Straw Hat Pirates acquiring all the necessary tools and subsequently making their way down from the island to safety. It is possible that Vegapunk, being a brilliant mind, may possess knowledge of a safer escape route from the island. Considering his ingenuity, he should have a backup plan in place in the event of such circumstances.

One Piece Chapter 1090: Jaw-Dropping Surprises Await!

The deactivation of the Frontier Dome will be necessary if the Straw Hat Pirates descend from the Sky Island above. As a result, the Navy is anticipated to take action in One Piece chapter 1090. Fans are eagerly awaiting this confrontation, eager to witness the Navy's involvement in a war against the Straw Hat Pirates. It has been a considerable amount of time since the Navy and the Straw Hats last clashed. While skirmishes between pirates are always thrilling, the presence of the Navy adds a distinct atmosphere to the battle. This is particularly significant because fans have had limited exposure to the Admirals and even fewer encounters with the Five Elders in the storyline.

The deactivation of the Frontier Dome opens the door for the Navy to enter Egghead Island and attempt its destruction. Egghead Island is known for conducting forbidden studies, making its complete annihilation necessary. The only area that will be spared is the laboratory housing the reactor for producing more Motherflame.

In One Piece chapter 1090, fans will witness the beginning of the long-awaited invasion, intensifying the excitement as powerful forces finally clash. The Navy, boasting nine Vice Admirals, an Admiral, and a member of the Five Elders, possesses abundant firepower to confront the Straw Hat Pirates. Yet, the Yonko crew, currently underestimating, will rise to prove themselves deserving of their esteemed title.


One Piece Chapter 1090: Jaw-Dropping Surprises Await!

One Piece chapter 1090 may witness the long-awaited encounter between the Navy and the Straw Hat Pirates. While they have not met face to face yet, both groups are aware of each other's existence. The Straw Hats have learned from York that the Navy is at their doorstep, seeking to annihilate them. Meanwhile, the Navy and the Five Elders have discovered that Straw Hat Luffy is alive and has taken over the entire island, with York as their captive. Fans can anticipate a forthcoming confrontation between these two parties.

The Straw Hats must leave Egghead Island promptly, as they cannot stay there for an extended period. Similarly, the Navy must act swiftly to destroy the island and cannot afford to wait. All indications point towards an imminent clash between these two formidable forces, and fans eagerly await this event in One Piece chapter 190.

Unfortunately, Weekly Shonen Jump will be taking a break next week, so there will be no new manga releases from the magazine, including One Piece, next Sunday. The official release of One Piece chapter 1090 is scheduled for August 20, 2023. However, fans can still enjoy reading One Piece for free on MangaPlus.