Lisa Vanderpump Comments on Dorit and PK Kemsley's Long-standing On-and-Off Separation

Lisa Vanderpump Comments on Dorit and PK Kemsley's Long-standing On-and-Off Separation

Following the recent announcement of Dorit and PK Kemsley's separation, Lisa Vanderpump reflects on their relationship history, suggesting it was not unexpected. Dive into the insights shared by the former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star regarding the Kemsley couple's turbulent journey.

Lisa Vanderpump Says Dorit and PK Have Been Separated For Long Time

Lisa Vanderpump Says Dorit and PK Have Been Separated For Long Time

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The Bravo universe was shocked to hear about Dorit and PK Kemsley's separation. However, Lisa Vanderpump had a feeling it was bound to happen.

When Lisa appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Tuesday, May 14, a viewer inquired about her opinion on the couple's recent breakup announcement.

“Can I plead the fifth?” Lisa asked host Andy Cohen. 

When Andy, 55, pushed and asked Lisa whether she was “surprised” about the separation, the reality star got honest. 

She confessed, "I actually haven't watched the show, despite what some cast members may say. However, I do have a few mutual friends with PK. I heard from the hotel he was staying in for many months that they had been separated on and off for quite a while. So, I wasn't surprised."

Lisa quickly added, "As always, no matter how I feel, I think it's sad."

Lisa mentioned that things are always more difficult when children are involved. Dorit and PK have a son named Jagger, who is 10 years old, and a daughter named Phoenix, who is 8. Additionally, PK has three children from his previous marriage.

Lisa expressed her hope that they are able to resolve their issues, stating, "I hope they work it out, I really do."

Lisa and the Kemsleys were featured on three seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, Lisa decided to leave the show after season 9 in 2019.

After being married for 9 years, Dorit and PK announced their separation in a joint statement on Instagram.

"We have faced a lot of rumors about our marriage as a couple. It's no secret that we have had challenges in recent years. Despite this, we are committed to working through our issues as two people who care deeply for each other and have two wonderful children together," the couple shared on Thursday, May 9th. "In order to protect our strong bond and create a peaceful environment for our children, we have decided to take some time apart and reassess our relationship. Our main focus right now is on our children. We are grateful for your love and support as we navigate through this journey. With love, Dorit and PK."

One of the followers in the comments section questioned Dorit about why the couple wasn't as "strong as ever" as they had previously suggested.

Dorit responded, "We were. S–t happens. It’s called life — try it sometime. One day at a time."

Their RHOBH costar Sutton Stracke echoed the comments made by Lisa in the aftermath of the announcement.

“I don’t think shocked is the right word,” she said Friday, May 10. “I was surprised that it went public.”

Editor's P/S:

The recent separation of Dorit and PK Kemsley, stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," has sent shockwaves through the Bravo universe. While the split may have come as a surprise to some, Lisa Vanderpump, a former cast member, had a hunch that it was on the horizon. Lisa's close relationship with PK through mutual friends revealed that the couple had been facing ongoing issues and had even been separated for extended periods.

Despite her reservations, Lisa expressed sadness about the breakup and hopes for a reconciliation. She emphasized the challenges of navigating a separation with children involved and wished the best for Dorit and PK as they work through their issues. Lisa's insights provide a glimpse into the complexities of the couple's relationship and the potential factors that may have contributed to their decision to separate.