Jenna Dewan Opens Up About Her Lingering Pinky Finger Woe - Find out What Really Happened!

Jenna Dewan Opens Up About Her Lingering Pinky Finger Woe - Find out What Really Happened!

Jenna Dewan shares exclusive update on her healing broken pinky finger sustained from a gym accident, highlighting her ongoing recovery

Jenna Dewan fractured her pinky finger while exercising recently, and it is currently in the healing process. Despite the injury, Dewan shared that she is still using only three fingers during her daily activities. Speaking exclusively to We on Tuesday, August 8, as she promoted her collaboration with NEOSTRATA, Dewan described the incident as a silly accident. Reflecting on her extensive dance background, she humorously remarked, "It's ironic that after dancing and putting my body through so much, this is how I end up breaking a bone. That's just life for you."

Dewan, a former competitive dancer who rose to fame in the 2006 film Step Up, took to her Instagram on Monday, August 7, to share that she had injured her finger while performing a box jump at the gym. She explained that a box jump is a high-impact exercise where individuals jump from the floor onto a raised surface.

"When it happened, I initially thought I broke a nail," Dewan shared with Us on Tuesday. "I had that moment of, 'Oh no, my nail!' But then, upon closer examination, I realized my nail was fine. That's when I heard a crack and knew something wasn't right." It wasn't until the very end when she finally realized the severity of the injury.

The actress quickly visited the doctor, who confirmed that she had fractured her finger and proceeded to encase it in a cast.

"Basically, you have to wear it and return for four weeks," Dewan shared with Us. "But it's just a hand. There isn't much else to do. Thankfully, it wasn't severe enough to require surgery. So it's mostly just irritating."

Jenna Dewan Opens Up About Her Lingering Pinky Finger Woe - Find out What Really Happened!

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Dewan’s family — fiancé Steve Kazee and kids Everly, 10, and Callum, 3 — have been supporting her recovery.

"[Callum] went and informed all of his teachers, 'My mommy has a boo-boo on her hand,'" she shared regarding her toddler, whom she has with Kazee, 47. "So, I would ask him, 'Can you assist me here with my hand injury? It might take me a little longer to pick you up or change your clothes.' Now, he asks, 'Is your boo-boo okay, mommy?' He is such a kind-hearted little one."

Kazee and Everly, whom Dewan co-parents with ex-husband Channing Tatum, were impressed by her dedication to continue exercising despite the pain.

"I earned major street credibility when I returned home," she playfully shared with Us. "Steve and Evie were so impressed. I even continued and completed an additional 10 box jumps!"

While Dewan focuses on her ongoing healing process, she has partnered with NEOSTRATA to empower individuals with diverse skin tones to take charge of their struggles with skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

“I have been dealing with melasma, a condition where skin cells are overproduced, resulting in brown or blue-gray patches. Additionally, I have been struggling with skin issues for years. I previously had acne and underwent laser resurfacing to address the acne scarring. Unfortunately, this treatment caused intense discoloration, leading to brown melasma all over my face," she shared with Us. "I embarked on a journey to regain control over my skin, searching tirelessly for a solution. Melasma is challenging to conceal, so I was constantly on the lookout for the right product. That's when I discovered NeoStrata, and to my surprise, it started showing results within just a few days. Needless to say, I became completely obsessed with it."

Jenna Dewan Opens Up About Her Lingering Pinky Finger Woe - Find out What Really Happened!

Jenna Dewan recently hosted a New York City event to showcase the skin-renewing acids of NEOSTRATA. During the event, she expressed her satisfaction and love for the products, emphasizing their multifunctional qualities. Dewan revealed that she appreciates not having to use multiple products every night, as NEOSTRATA conveniently fits into her busy lifestyle as a working mom. In addition to treating her melasma, she also found the products to be effective in anti-aging and refining her skin.

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