Jana Kramer Opens Up About Postpartum Comfort with Fiancé Allan Russell

Jana Kramer Opens Up About Postpartum Comfort with Fiancé Allan Russell

Jana Kramer fearlessly embraces postpartum recovery and discusses the highs and lows of becoming a mother to her son, Roman, alongside her fiancé Allan Russell on her popular podcast, 'Whine Down'

Jana Kramer shared every detail of her son Roman's birth story, leaving nothing out. During the latest episode of her "Whine Down" podcast on Monday, November 20, the 39-year-old opened up about her delivery experience. She revealed that her hospital journey started off on a stressful note as she felt anxious about receiving an IV before her C-section.

"I informed the anesthesiologist that I required a stronger medication. I expressed my concern about the possibility of not feeling my legs, as it triggers memories of being restrained during an abusive relationship," she disclosed. Kramer had previously accused her first husband, Michael Gambino, of subjecting her to physical and mental abuse.

Watching Kramer endure pain was not enjoyable for Russell, 42. "He became quite anxious when they rolled me back on the chairs, and he later admitted to having a moment of panic," she recounted. "However, he remained remarkably calm, which was truly remarkable."

During the procedure, Kramer experienced a sense of dissociation due to the effects of the medication. One clear memory she had was of Russell's head resting on her forehead. He remained by her side, holding her hand and gently stroking her head. Kramer also remembers hearing Roman cry and feeling a slight tugging sensation. When they placed Roman on her chest, it was another distinct moment she recalls. However, her recollection afterwards becomes hazy until she woke up in the recovery room, still unable to feel her legs. Desiring relief, Kramer asked for more medication, only to be informed by the nurse that she had already reached the maximum dosage.

Jana Kramer Opens Up About Postpartum Comfort with Fiancé Allan Russell

Courtesy of Jana Kramer/Instagram

As part of her recovery from the C-section procedure, Kramer had to wait until she passed gas before being allowed to eat. On Monday, she revealed that she had never farted in front of Allan before. However, in this situation, she had no qualms about doing so. She expressed her strong desire to release gas, regardless of whether it happened in front of him or if it was loud. All she needed at that moment was to simply fart.

Kramer managed to perform the actions without her partner's awareness. "This woman, who was like a physical therapist, came to demonstrate to me how to log roll and get in and out of bed when I go home," Kramer explained, adding humorously, "And when I was doing the log roll exercises, there was a slight sound, but nobody heard it."

After bringing their first child home, Kramer has been relishing the time spent with her newborn. However, she regrets her decision to only stay in the hospital for two days after giving birth. "Usually, it's three days, but it's up to the mother to decide when she wants to leave," she mentioned.

She decided to depart early to dedicate time to her older children, Jolie, 7, and Jace, 4, whom she co-parents with her ex-husband Mike Caussin. They were going to spend Thanksgiving in Virginia. (Kramer and Caussin were married from 2015 to 2021.)

"Though I wanted to see the kids, I shouldn't have brought them home on that second day," she admitted on the podcast. "I should have allowed myself to rest and get a complete night's sleep, among other things."

Kramer and Russell announced Roman’s arrival on Tuesday, November 14, one day after he was born. The twosome confirmed Kramer’s pregnancy in June, weeks after she revealed their engagement.