Intriguing Setup: Invincible Season 2's Sinister Mark Grayson Teases an Impactful Season 3 Plotline

Intriguing Setup: Invincible Season 2's Sinister Mark Grayson Teases an Impactful Season 3 Plotline

Discover how the evil Mark Grayson in Invincible Season 2 sets the stage for a thrilling Season 3 storyline, intertwining with the Invincible War and its captivating multiverse versions Find out why this epic conflict can only unfold in the upcoming season!

Spoilers ahead for the Invincible comics and the TV series' season 2 premiere.

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Invincible's second season sets the groundwork for an important plotline in season 3, involving the emergence of evil versions of Mark Grayson from parallel universes.

Scientist Angstrom Levy becomes a vital figure in the resistance against Mark and Nolan, using his unique dimensional travel abilities to thwart the malevolent versions of Mark. However, an unexpected twist occurs when Angstrom himself aligns with the evil Mark Graysons.

The Invincible War storyline is expected to take place in season 3 of the show. Mark must first defeat Angstrom Levy before the 16 evil Marks can be released into the primary timeline. Building upon the events of Invincible season 2, where viewers are introduced to the evil version of Mark Grayson from a parallel universe, this sets the stage for a significant storyline in season 3. This storyline is directly adapted from Robert Kirkman's source material, the Image Comics series also titled Invincible. The show follows the journey of 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who discovers his superhuman abilities and trains under his powerful father, Omni-Man. In season 1's conclusion, Omni-Man reveals his true intentions of conquering Earth, forcing Mark to confront his own father.

Invincible's Evil Multiverse Versions Connect To The Invincible War

In the season 2 premiere, Invincible introduces its multiverse, a complex network of parallel worlds. In these alternate realities, we often see Mark forsaking his heroic deeds to team up with Omni-Man. The sophomore season kicks off in one of these parallel universes, showcasing Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs) and other important characters as members of a resistance group committed to halting Mark and Nolan. Enter scientist Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown), a fresh face in the series who becomes a part of the rebel faction and, intriguingly, holds the key to unraveling the secrets of Invincible's multiverse. Another version of Levy, armed with the unique ability to traverse dimensions, rallies his duplicates in a valiant attempt to thwart the malevolent incarnations of Mark.

Intriguing Setup: Invincible Season 2's Sinister Mark Grayson Teases an Impactful Season 3 Plotline

Only one version of Angstrom Levy possesses portal-creating, multiverse-hopping powers among the numerous iterations of the character. Similarly, in the prime universe of Invincible's season 1, Mark Grayson stands alone against Omni-Man instead of siding with him. When the virtuous Mark discovers Levy's intention to absorb the memories and knowledge of his alternate selves, he strives to thwart the scientist. Despite a destructive explosion following their confrontation, it is not necessarily Angstrom Levy who poses the greatest peril to Mark Grayson's life.

Why The Invincible War Storyline Can't Happen Until Invincible Season 3

In Kirkman's comics, Angstrom Levy's desire to kill Mark reaches its peak in the one-issue event known as Invincible War. Following what appears to be Mark's successful elimination of Levy, the villain, now even more disfigured, emerges from the wreckage and escapes to another dimension to regroup. In due course, Levy unleashes a formidable force consisting of 16 alternate-universe versions of Mark onto the original Mark and his world (as depicted in Image Comics). These multiple iterations of Mark, fueled by a thirst for blood, swiftly traverse the globe, wreaking havoc. Heroic Mark is tasked with the responsibility of halting these 16 versions of himself, who are bent on destruction. The utilization of the multiverse plot device in Invincible skillfully showcases that the primary Mark holds a unique status: he is arguably the only version of himself who does not succumb to becoming a villain.

Intriguing Setup: Invincible Season 2's Sinister Mark Grayson Teases an Impactful Season 3 Plotline

Although the premiere of Invincible season 2 sets up the Invincible War storyline from the comics, it is likely that the arc will not unfold until season 3. This is because Mark needs to first eliminate Angstrom Levy, which will provoke the villain to gather the evil versions of Mark Grayson from alternate universes and unleash them on the main timeline of Invincible. Considering that Levy must "die" and subsequently make a chilling comeback that warps reality, it is probable that viewers will have to wait a while before the 16 evil Marks make their presence known. Given the narrative leading up to the Invincible War and the pacing of the series, it appears safe to assume that Mark and Levy will not engage in combat until the season 2 finale of Invincible.

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Invincible Season 2 has left fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming Season 3 with its intriguing setup and the introduction of sinister Mark Grayson. The emergence of evil versions of Mark from parallel universes adds a thrilling new dimension to the storyline. The character of Angstrom Levy, with his ability to traverse dimensions, becomes a pivotal figure in the resistance against Mark and Nolan. However, the unexpected twist of Levy aligning himself with the evil Mark Graysons raises even more questions and sets the stage for a captivating conflict in Season 3.

The Invincible War storyline, directly adapted from the source comics, promises to be an epic battle between Mark and the 16 malevolent Marks unleashed upon the primary timeline. The multiverse concept explored in Season 2 provides a vast and complex backdrop for this conflict, showcasing alternate realities where Mark makes different choices and teams up with Omni-Man. The introduction of the resistance group, including Atom Eve and other important characters, adds depth to the narrative and hints at the scale of the upcoming war.