The Jaw-Dropping Transformation of Invincible Season 2's Menacing New Villain Shocks Fans

The Jaw-Dropping Transformation of Invincible Season 2's Menacing New Villain Shocks Fans

Get ready for a thrilling ride in Invincible season 2 as the Amazon Prime Video series unveils two intriguing first-look images of a formidable new villain, intricately connected to protagonist Mark Grayson Brace yourself for epic confrontations and gripping plot twists!


Invincible season 2 unveils the first official look at Angstrom Levy, Mark's arch nemesis, who has the power to travel to alternate dimensions.

Levy's disfigurement and longing for vengeance against Invincible propel him towards becoming a formidable adversary, unleashing his multiversal abilities to sow chaos.

Although fans will feel a void without Omni-Man in season 2, the emergence of Levy as a villain presents thrilling opportunities for a superhero multiverse narrative.

The first official glimpse of Angstrom Levy, one of Mark's archenemies from the comics and a key antagonist for the second season of Invincible, has been unveiled in Invincible season 2.

Following the tremendous success of Invincible season 1, which led to its renewal for seasons 2 and 3, fans have eagerly awaited the release of the second season. Fortunately, series creator Robert Kirkman has generously shared numerous details and teasers about what lies ahead in the upcoming season. In June, Kirkman confirmed that the primary villain of Invincible season 2 would be Angstrom Levy, stating, “A significant portion, whether large or small, of Season 2 will revolve around the character of Angstrom Levy.”

Fans now have an exclusive first glimpse of Angstrom Levy's appearance in the upcoming second season of Invincible. The official X account for the show recently unveiled photos showcasing Levy (voiced by Sterling K. Brown). These images chronicle Levy's physical transformation before and after an unfortunate accident that resulted in facial disfigurement. Notably, the first picture also reveals the presence of alternate dimensions behind Levy, which aligns with his unique ability to travel between them. Accompanying the photos is a caption that teasingly introduces Levy as Mark's best friend from another dimension, implying a positive relationship between the characters.

Contrary to the upbeat caption, it is unlikely that Angstrom Levy and Mark Grayson will share a harmonious bond. In the original comics, Invincible becomes embroiled in a devastating laboratory mishap that leaves Levy permanently disfigured. The incident severely damages his bodily organs, rendering his limbs dysfunctional and necessitating the use of prosthetics. Stricken with madness, Levy ultimately blames Invincible for his plight and sets out on a years-long quest for revenge, utilizing the powers of the multiverse. This vendetta transforms him into Invincible's foremost arch-nemesis.

Fans can look forward to another exciting superhero story in Invincible season 2, as the main villain possesses multiversal powers. It is worth noting that the multiverse storyline in the Invincible comics predates the Spider-Verse and Flashpoint comics. While some fans may feel fatigued by multiverse superhero narratives, they should give Invincible a chance to showcase its own unique take on it.

Although Omni-Man was a beloved antagonist in season 1, viewers shouldn't expect to see a lot of him in season 2. While his absence may be felt, this opens up opportunities for new villains like Angstrom Levy, which should thrill fans familiar with the comics and add excitement to the upcoming season.

Invincible season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 3, 2023.

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