Inside Kim Kardashian's Shocking Revelation: Kourtney Kardashian's Social Circle Exclusively Dominated by Travis Barker Amid the Fiery Dolce and Gabbana Feud

Inside Kim Kardashian's Shocking Revelation: Kourtney Kardashian's Social Circle Exclusively Dominated by Travis Barker Amid the Fiery Dolce and Gabbana Feud

Kim Kardashian sheds light on Kourtney Kardashian's social circle, highlighting Travis Barker as her sole confidant amidst the Dolce and Gabbana feud Gain insights into their perspectives on the contentious issue

Kim Kardashian addressed her feud with Kourtney Kardashian regarding her collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana during a recent episode of The Kardashians. Khloé Kardashian shared Kourtney's perspective on the matter.

The Good American cofounder expressed her hope that the person she was referring to would have a conversation about the situation. She emphasized her desire for this individual to have something for themselves, as she believes they feel that their moment was overshadowed. The cofounder also mentioned that the person's friends have been provoking them, leading them to believe that others find the situation peculiar. Khloé shared a personal experience she had with Kourtney, where Kourtney called her in tears. Kourtney expressed feeling devastated as she believed her wedding moment was stolen from her. She also expressed her belief that there is a lack of loyalty within the family, and that everyone is envious of what others have.

Kim, 42, initially grasped her eldest sibling's perspective. However, her opinion shifted upon hearing Kourtney's take on the behind-the-scenes drama.

"I shouldn't need her approval. I believed I was being considerate. I intentionally excluded numerous collections," Kim stated, subtly mocking Kourtney. "She claims all her friends stand by her, but she doesn't have any friends. So, Travis [Barker]?"

“I believe that there are countless opportunities available. It's not just about business; there is a multitude of options that should take priority over causing harm to your own sister. It feels like my wedding is being imitated, and that's just plain foolish. This issue runs deeper than mere imitation. It's about people grasping at whatever they can get their hands on. There is an overwhelming surplus and excessiveness; nothing is ever sufficient. It's never acceptable to simply refuse or decline something."

According to Kourtney, Kim expressed her unhappiness during Kourtney's wedding. While everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves and praising the event, Kim failed to acknowledge or appreciate the atmosphere. Kourtney also mentioned that Kim never asked for her opinion or expressed any concern about potentially using elements from the wedding for her own purposes. Kourtney emphasized that she never intended to prohibit anyone from doing something similar.

Additionally, Kourtney believes that Kim subconsciously takes inspiration from everything she had at her wedding without even realizing it. While Kim may only see it as a way to make money, Kourtney sees it as a reflection of Kim's lack of happiness during the event. Others also noticed this and expressed their concerns, describing Kim as "spiraling."

Kourtney made headlines after season 3 of The Kardashians when she revealed a significant milestone in her personal life.

Earlier this month, the reality star officially announced that she is pregnant with her first child with Travis. At a Blink-182 concert on Friday, June 16, Kourtney grabbed everyone's attention by displaying a handwritten sign that read, "Travis, I'm expecting." This creative gesture was inspired by the band's iconic "All the Small Things" music video.

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