Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Criteria for a Future Partner After Split from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Criteria for a Future Partner After Split from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian reveals what she's searching for in a partner post-divorce from Kanye West: someone without emotional baggage Is there a new man on the horizon for the reality star?

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Criteria for a Future Partner After Split from Kanye West

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She knows what she wants. Kim Kardashian is focused on manifesting the perfect man for herself.

On a recent episode of The Kardashians, now available for streaming, Kim Kardashian West shared a list of qualities she desires in a future partner. Protectiveness and a willingness to fight for her were at the top of the list, followed by good hygiene (which she acknowledged was a given), calmness, and an absence of parental issues. Additionally, Kim expressed a desire for patience, support, genuine happiness on her behalf, and success.

Kim Kardashian shared that having "good teeth" is a significant factor on her list of desirable traits in a partner. She even joked that "Teeth are, like, one of my biggest turn-ons. The straighter, the hornier I will get." However, she also clarified that she values more than just physical appearance, stating that she wants someone who adds to her life and is loved by her friends and family. Additionally, she hopes to find a role model for her children, especially for her sons to look up to.

During the filming of her Hulu series, the future lawyer expressed her desire to avoid individuals with a lot of emotional baggage, stating that she already has enough of her own. She also shared that she is looking for a partner who is taller than her, enjoys exercising, is self-motivated and independent, and has good taste. In a post-credits scene, Kim continued to list additional qualities that she finds attractive in a potential partner.

“I am attracted to individuals who possess intelligence, kindness, and impeccable manners. It is important to me that their fragrance remains alluring even after a rigorous workout. The ability to discern and understand the atmosphere of a space is also a desirable trait. I envision indulging in spa treatments such as facials and laser hair removal with my potential partner. While it is crucial for them to have their own pursuits and passions, adaptability is key. Above all, respect for others is essential, even in the absence of an audience.”

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Top Criteria for a Future Partner After Split from Kanye West

In a recent episode, Kim Kardashian revealed that she may have a new love interest, but wants to keep things low-key for the time being. Despite being a public figure, the reality star expressed her desire to sneak around and enjoy the excitement of a new relationship. She also mentioned that her friends introduced her to a man who meets her standards during a trip to New York City. Kardashian shares four children with her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West.

"It's challenging to date during these times because the first dates are limited to being indoors. It can be a bit uncomfortable, and I'm not interested in dating just one person. This year is all about me." This was shared by the TV personality, who recently revealed details about her personal life. According to an exclusive source, Kim is currently taking things slow with a mystery man.

According to an insider, Kim has expressed interest in someone, but they have yet to go on a date. The source revealed that Kim is taking things slow and doesn't want to make a big deal out of it. She understands that dating rumors can quickly spiral out of control, but she's excited about the possibility of a new romance with this special someone. In the same month, Kim also discussed her decision to take her time when it comes to starting a new relationship.

"I am being cautious and taking my time because there are many factors to consider, especially when raising children and being careful about who I let into my life. I am reflecting on my past mistakes and making sure not to repeat them. It's a difficult situation to navigate, but I still believe in love and the magic it brings to life. However, I am in no rush and comfortable with taking my time. I am not lonely because there are many things keeping me busy. Ultimately, I trust that whatever is meant to be will happen."