Exclusive: Michael Keaton Returns as Beetlejuice in Tim Burton's Highly Anticipated Sequel

Exclusive: Michael Keaton Returns as Beetlejuice in Tim Burton's Highly Anticipated Sequel

Get ready to be spooked as Michael Keaton returns as the iconic Beetlejuice in the highly anticipated sequel! Brace yourself for a wild ride as we delve into the world of the Ghost With The Most once again

Michael Keaton has shared his excitement about teaming up with director Tim Burton once again for the highly anticipated Beetlejuice 2. The film, which was officially announced in May 2023, will see Keaton reprise his role as the eccentric and mischievous "bio-exorcist" from the Netherworld. Joining him on screen will be original cast members Winona Ryder and Catherine O'Hara, as well as a talented new cast including Jenna Ortega, Justin Theroux, Monica Bellucci, and Willem Dafoe. Speaking at a recent Q&A held during a VIP double screening of Batman and The Flash organized by Empire Magazine, Keaton expressed his enthusiasm for returning to the world of Beetlejuice and collaborating with Burton once again.

What We Know About Beetlejuice 2

The actor expressed immense excitement about working with the director once again after 35 years since the first Beetlejuice film was released. He praised the director by calling him a unique and exceptional artist, and expressed his admiration for his rare talents. This film will be their fifth collaboration together, including the actor's two Batman films and the 2019 movie, Dumbo.

Exclusive: Michael Keaton Returns as Beetlejuice in Tim Burton's Highly Anticipated Sequel

Beetlejuice 2 is currently being filmed in the United Kingdom with the working title "Blue Hawaii" and is set to hit theaters on September 6, 2024. Although it remains unclear what direction the sequel's story will take, it has been confirmed that the script was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of the series and Burton's Wednesday collaborators. While the working title references Burton's original plans for a sequel set in Hawaii, it remains to be seen if the final product will follow suit.

Burton is known for his unique visual style and frequent collaborations, including working with original Beetlejuice composer Danny Elfman for the film's score. Costume designer Colleen Atwood, who has worked with Burton on 12 previous films, is also returning for Beetlejuice 2. However, the film will mark the first collaboration between Burton and veteran actor Willem Dafoe, who will play an afterlife law enforcement officer. While original stars Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are not involved, the Deetz family, including Lydia and Delia (played by Winona Ryder and Catherine O'Hara respectively), will be front-and-center for Michael Keaton's reprisal of his iconic role as the Ghost With The Most. Filming has just begun, with more details about the highly anticipated sequel to come.

Source: Empire Magazine