Breaking One of Tim Burton's Filmmaking Rules - What Happened Next Will Surprise You

Breaking One of Tim Burton's Filmmaking Rules - What Happened Next Will Surprise You

Wednesday's unique take on The Addams Family breaks Tim Burton's filmmaking rules, creating a standout show as Burton and Elfman reunite for the Netflix hit

Acclaimed composer Danny Elfman discusses how his collaboration with director Tim Burton on Netflix's Wednesday broke a long-standing tradition from their previous projects. Elfman shares how the director responded to this rule-breaking, as they worked together to bring Charles Addams' unique family to life on the streaming service. While Elfman composed the theme tune, he also worked alongside Chris Bacon to create the soundtrack. In Wednesday, Jenna Ortega takes on the role of Wednesday Addams, as the character uncovers conspiracies, horrors, and mysteries during her time at a new boarding school.

During an interview with GQ, Elfman reveals insights into the creative process of developing the score and title theme for Wednesday ahead of the second season.

Elfman mentioned that Burton has always been strict about not using previous theme tunes in his projects based on existing properties. However, for the Netflix series, Burton allowed Elfman to include elements of the iconic 60s show's theme in the score. Elfman explained that while Burton typically prefers starting from scratch, he was more open-minded with "Wednesday" and agreed to incorporate a harpsichord sound to connect it to the original.

And what I absolutely adore about the original theme is that I can play and play and play, immersing myself in the entire composition, and then conclude it with the iconic Addams Family theme. It is the simplest melody to establish a connection with. Occasionally, I would test the waters and cautiously observe Tim's reaction, half expecting him to disapprove. However, to my delight, he would listen and respond with a resounding "Okay," and I would be filled with triumph.

Wednesday's Differences From The Addams Family Allows The Show To Stand Out

While incorporating elements of the TV show's theme tune into its score, the full Addams Family theme song was intentionally excluded throughout the first season of the Netflix series. This deliberate choice allowed the show to establish its own identity separate from previous adaptations and stand on its own merits. Departing from the traditional focus on the entire Addams family, the series instead centered on the life of Wednesday Addams, showcasing her individual experiences outside of her family dynamics. With this significant departure from the franchise's usual structure, the show faced the daunting task of proving that its unique premise could indeed succeed.

Wednesday proved to be a huge success upon its release, attracting a large number of viewers and becoming the second most-watched English language series on the platform. This led to a quick renewal for season 2, leaving both new and longtime fans excited to see what lies ahead for Wednesday Addams after her time at Nevermore. Additionally, fans are eager to see how the promotion of Ortega to producer will impact the character's story, as Ortega and the show's creative team have highlighted the significant influence the star had on the writing of the first season.

Throughout their collaboration, Burton and Elfman have worked on approximately 20 projects together, creating a collection of iconic scores that remain recognizable to this day. This trend continued with Elfman's composition for Wednesday, which features a grand and operatic theme song that evokes a gothic-inspired atmosphere. While the soundtrack does pay homage to the original show, it also stands on its own with its own unique merits.

Source: GQ