Emily Blunt Dishes on the Real Reason Behind Her Unexpected Acting Hiatus; It's a Must-Read!

Emily Blunt Dishes on the Real Reason Behind Her Unexpected Acting Hiatus; It's a Must-Read!

Emily Blunt candidly discusses the toll her recent demanding acting commitments have taken on her family, prompting her to prioritize their well-being and take a substantial hiatus from her career

Emily Blunt Dishes on the Real Reason Behind Her Unexpected Acting Hiatus; It's a Must-Read!

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Emily Blunt is currently prioritizing her role as a mother to her two children with John Krasinski, leading her to take a break from acting. During her appearance on the "Table for Two" podcast on Monday, July 10th, the 40-year-old actress candidly admitted that she struggles to find the perfect balance between her career and raising her daughters, Hazel (9) and Violet (7).

She added, "When people ask me how I manage to maintain a balance, I always feel like I'm never really getting it right. However, this year I have intentionally decided not to work."

Blunt has a number of projects in the pipeline, including Oppenheimer, slated for release on July 21, and Pain Hustlers, which is set to premiere in October. Acknowledging that she had a busy schedule last year, the Jungle Cruise actress shared why it holds significance for her to take some time off.

"My oldest child is 9 years old, and I believe that there are crucial moments in their day that hold immense importance during their early years," she expressed on Monday. "It's the little things like waking them up, taking them to school, picking them up, and putting them to bed. I feel a strong urge to be present for all of these moments for a significant period of time. This feeling is deeply ingrained in me."

Blunt acknowledged that she had enjoyed her work on recent projects, describing them as "beautiful experiences," but also acknowledged that some projects required more of her time than others.

She stated, "I believe the tasks that consume a lot of time are becoming less frequent now, as they take a toll on me, the children, and the overall balance in our lives."

Blunt also admitted that guilt played a role in her decision, as she referred to herself as someone who is "very prone" to it. "I think perhaps all mothers are," she acknowledged. "There is a tendency to feel guilty for desiring something beyond motherhood, God forbid."

Blunt revealed during a recent interview with E! News on Tuesday, July 11, that her children and Matt Damon's kids spend a lot of time together. She expressed her gratitude for the patience and kindness that Damon's older children show towards her own little ones.

Damon, aged 52, echoed the sentiment expressed by his wife Luciana Barroso. He shares three daughters, Isabella, aged 17, Gia, aged 14, and Stella, aged 12, as well as a stepdaughter named Alexia, aged 24. Damon mentioned that his youngest daughter enjoys taking care of Emily's two children because it gives her the opportunity to play the role of an older sibling, which she doesn't usually get to experience. He added that it is a nice change for her.

Blunt — who wed Krasinski, 43, in 2010 — added that her girls “worship Matt’s kids.”