Controversy Surrounds Rey's Jedi Order in Upcoming Star Wars Film

Controversy Surrounds Rey's Jedi Order in Upcoming Star Wars Film

Lucasfilm hints at a significant change in the public perception of Rey's New Jedi Order in the upcoming Star Wars film The Jedi's role as peacekeepers and soldiers will be scrutinized, adding a new layer of complexity to the galaxy's relationship with the Force-users

With the upcoming film about Rey's New Jedi Order, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has teased a significant change in how the galaxy perceives the Force-users. Traditionally, the Jedi have been viewed as a benevolent group dedicated to keeping peace within the galaxy. However, in subsequent stories, such as George Lucas' prequel trilogy and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Jedi's role as soldiers has been called into question, and the galaxy has become conflicted about their presence.

With Rey's Jedi Order, Kennedy has suggested that the citizens of the Star Wars universe may not actually care for the Jedi anymore. The overarching question is whether they even need them. In an interview with the Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Kennedy wondered about the public perception of Rey's New Jedi Order, 15 years after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

"The question that we're gonna ask with New Jedi Order and with Rey, is does the galaxy need them anymore? Do they want them back? So there's a lot of food for thought in what we're doing, whether it's in the past, present, or future."


The concept of whether the Jedi are truly a force for good in the galaxy is being explored by Lucasfilm, following in the footsteps of Star Wars creator George Lucas. This idea is in line with the prequel trilogy and is set to be a major difference from the beloved view of the Jedi shown in the original trilogy. In addition to this, Rey's Jedi Order is expected to have new Padawans and there could potentially be new villains that move away from the Sith.

While the effectiveness of the Jedi Order as a whole can be debated, it's undeniable that individual Jedi have proven their worth. The prequel trilogy emphasized the Jedi's hubris and dogmatic beliefs, which ultimately led to the rise of the Empire and Emperor Palpatine. The Sith's victory over the Jedi during the Clone Wars was swift and almost complete, with only a few Jedi surviving Order 66.

However, the Jedi have also had many victories. Anakin and Luke Skywalker defeated the Emperor in the original trilogy, and Rey played a crucial role in opposing the First Order and ultimately destroying the Emperor in the sequels. Even during the High Republic era, the Jedi Order thrived and proved to be effective.

Exploring the Jedi's effectiveness provides a rich opportunity for storytelling in Star Wars. The idea of the galaxy questioning their usage, given their cyclical history of rising to power and falling to darkness, presents an intriguing concept for Rey's New Jedi Order film. With confirmation from Kathleen Kennedy, fans eagerly anticipate Daisy Ridley's return to the franchise.

Source: Dagobah Dispatch podcast