Windows 11 Takes Gaming to the Next Level with an Exciting Surfing Adventure!

Windows 11 Takes Gaming to the Next Level with an Exciting Surfing Adventure!

Windows 11 introduces an exciting new addition to its setup process with the inclusion of a captivating surfing game called Let's Surf This delightful game pays homage to the beloved classic SkiFree, offering users a fun-filled experience while setting up their Windows 11 operating system

Microsoft's sluggish Windows 11 setup process now offers a delightful distraction: the "Let's Surf" game. Inspired by the classic 1991 game "SkiFree," "Let's Surf" is an action-packed game where you navigate an endless course while avoiding obstacles and fending off attacks from a kraken. During the setup of a new PC, Windows 11 will give you the option to play "Let's Surf," or you can access it anytime by entering edge://surf in the Microsoft Edge address bar.

This hidden gem was uncovered by The Verge during a review of the Surface Laptop Studio 2. It is expected that "Let's Surf" will be available on the Windows 11 setup screen for all new Surface PCs. Some users have even reported encountering the game while setting up PCs from other brands, indicating that this feature is not exclusive to Surface hardware. However, it remains uncertain whether all Windows 11 users will come across "Let's Surf" during the setup process.

The game "Let's Surf" was first released in the May 2020 Microsoft Edge 83 update. Upon starting the game, players are prompted to choose a surfer. They are then taken on a downward course where they must maneuver using the arrow keys to avoid obstacles. Pressing the "f" key provides a boost, but it is recommended to save it for evading the kracken since the game is already fast-paced. "Let's Surf" also has support for mouse controls and is compatible with Xbox controllers, although we have not tested the functionality with Xbox controllers during Windows 11 setup.

Fans of the classic PC game "FreeSki" from 1991 will appreciate "Let's Surf." These two games are essentially the same, except "Let's Surf" has a more modern feel and a different setting. "FreeSki" was originally part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3, along with other popular titles like "TriPeaks" and "WordZap." Interestingly, in "FreeSki," players could also use the "f" key to escape from the yeti, although this was something I discovered on my own when I played it back in the day.

The Windows 11 setup process is still frustrating, but "Let's Surf" can help make it more bearable. If you don't want to reformat your PC and start over, simply enter edge://surf in the address bar of Microsoft Edge to play "Let's Surf." This game is compatible with both Windows and macOS.