Windows 11 to Revolutionize Audio with Bluetooth LE

Windows 11 to Revolutionize Audio with Bluetooth LE

Windows 11 users will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth LE Audio, a feature that has long been available on smartphones Microsoft is currently working to bring this technology to PCs, offering improved audio quality and greater energy efficiency

Bluetooth LE Audio has become a popular feature in the smartphone market due to its low power consumption and improved audio quality. However, this technology has yet to make its way to PCs. Luckily, Microsoft has taken the initiative to introduce this cutting-edge feature to Windows 11.

By collaborating with Samsung and Intel, Microsoft has developed a low-power LC3 codec that supports connecting to multiple devices simultaneously, broadcasting audio, and more. This new feature promises to deliver high-quality audio experiences for calls, videos, and music on compatible devices, such as wireless earbuds like the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

The company expressed excitement for the future possibilities of Bluetooth LE Audio as it continues to expand to more devices. With Microsoft's efforts, this technology is sure to become a staple feature for both smartphones and PCs alike.

Bluetooth LE Audio is a practical feature that could prove useful, especially if you already own a pair of earbuds. This technology has been available for years, and some earbuds, like the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, already support it. If you're an Insider, support for this feature should be available in the coming weeks or months, and eventually, it will be available for all regular Windows 11 installations as well.

Source: Microsoft